25 May

1967…NMCB-58 completed the repairs and maintenance of the road to Hill 724, Da Nang. The project, begun on 01 November 1967, consisted of placing 450 lin. Ft. of 24” culvert, nine sets of headwalls and constructing 300’ of road to the galley and parking lot. It also involved improving the ditches along one mile of road. The road bed was composed of rock available at the site, most of which was the 7866 cu. yds. Of cut material that was removed by blasting which comsumed 2000 lbs. of dynamite.
…The NMCB-4 Rock Crusher crew was augmented by 40 Marines from 7th Engineers. The Marines were berthed and fed at Camp Hoover.
…EON3 Marvin C. Hill (NMCB-11) was accidentally electrocuted while working with a detachment from the Battalion at Cua Viet. A memorial service was held by the NMCB-11 Chaplain (Lt. Thomas A. Saygers, CHC, USNR) on Sunday, May 28, 1967.
…As the increased tempo of the war moved north, so did NMCB-3. On May 25, 1967, they began their third consecutive deployment to the Republic of Vietnam at Gia Le-eleven miles southwest of the imperial city of Hue. As the months passed, Gia Le was developed into a complex combat base through the efforts of NMCB-3.

1968… NMCB-9 completed cantonment construction at the Big Look site for the Naval Support Activity and Fleet Aircraft Support Unit One. The Big Look project consisted of berthing spaces, administrative spaces, shower and head facilities, an EM Club, an exchange, utilities, and roads and sidewalks for a major part of a 2000-man cantonment located on the west side of the Da Nang Air Base. Thirteen two-story wooded 24’x96’ barracks buildings provided berthing space for 100 men each, while six 16’x32’ shower buildings provided shower and sanitary facilities. Two two-story wooden BOQ’s contained both berthing and shower and head facilities for 100 officers. An administration building and an air-conditioned elisted men’s club were constructed with 40’x100’ pre-engineered metal buildings. A 20’x48’ Quonset hut formed a Navy Exchange building Utility installations included 1200 lf of primary power line, 2400 lf of secondary power distribution line, 6 transformer banks, 1200 lf of 4 inch galvanized water line, 900 lf of 6 inch and 1200 lf of 8 inch asbestos cement sewer line, and 2000 lf of 12” invasion pipe temporary sewer line. Also included were 1210 lf of 2 inch thick bituminous concrete-surfaced road and 2400 lf of sidewalk.
…Fire of unknown origin destroyed the 1200-foot southern section of the Liberty Bridge. Reconstruction of the bridge following its destruction by flood waters in October 1967 had proceeded to within 320 feet of completion at the time of the fire. Work had been halted for several weeks due to the non-availabilty of piles.
…In late May a 50-man Seabee detachment was sent to Saigon to take part in Operation Dong Tam. They worked on the construction of houses for Vietnamese who lost their homes in recent enemy actions. During May MCB-10 at Quang Tri was relieved by MCB-11 and MCB-1 relieved MCB-9 at Camp Hoover in Da Nang.

1969…NMCB-128 bridge construction site at YD 392466 on the QL-1 By-Pass was attacked during the night. One MRS-200, which had been previously surveyed was destroyed. Six 75-foot piles which were stockpiled there were destroyed also. Mines were found under other vehicle wheels. No injury to NMCB-128 personnel.
…NMCB-62 Detail Redfish, consisting of 7 Delta Company builders deployed to Dual Blade site C-1 to construct four gunpads for 108th Artillery.
…Marine units beneficially occupied Camp Monahan, 25 days after NMCB-53 began Disaster Recovery Operations.
…NMCB-40 asphalt plant set new monthly production record by producing 17,080 tons of asphalt for the month of May.
…The stage show “Has Anyone Seen Kelley” was performed at Camp Adenir. All hands enjoyed the entertainment.

1970…NMCB-10 personnel received Vietnamese medals for their contribution in paving roads in the Citadel, Hue. Capt. J.E. washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR and Cdr. D.F. Johnson, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-10 arrended. Gen. Truong, Commanding General of the 1st ARVN Division made the presentations. After the Awards Ceremony, Capt. Washburn and Cdr. Johnson attended the Change of Command Ceremony at the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) and then visited the various jobsites in the Battalion’s area of operations.

1973 - Launch of Skylab 2 mission, which was first U.S. manned orbiting space station. It had an all Navy crew of Capt. Charles Conrad Jr. (commanding), Cmdr. Joseph P. Kerwin, and Cmdr. Paul J. Weitz.

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