26 May

1967…26 enlisted men who were TAD when the NMCB-71 Main Body deployed, arrived at Chu Lai to join the Battalion.
…Seabee Team 0309 deaparted CONUS for RVN.
…NMCB-1 Headquarters Company 1st and 2nd platoons were the Honor Guard in a farewell ceremony honoring Lt Gen L.W. Walt, Commanding General III MAF. The ceremony was held at the Headquarters of 30NCR
…NMCB-1 detached one officer and 64 men to Dong Tam, 30 miles south of Saigon until 23 June 67 to perform construction work for the 3rd NCB

1968…Chu Lai Combat Base received 7 incoming rounds of 122mm rocket rounds. No damage or casualties were sustained by NMCB-40 equipment or personnel.
…NMCB-133’s EO3 Everal, F. Avey was fatally injured in an equipment accident two miles south of Hue.
…Rock production capabilities were increased during May when a Seabee detail set up camp at Cam Lo and a 200 ton per hour rock crushing operation. Production at this site began in early June. At Camp Deshurley another detail began to open a second quarry and set up a 200 ton per hour rock crusher. By the end of the month the crusher pads were placed, work had started on the head wall, stripping operations had begun, and construction of the haul road was underway. During May the existing quarry and rock crushing operation at Camp Deshurley produced an average of 885 tons per day. Production at the Nan Hoa quarry averaged 530 tons per day. Security conditions limited both quarries to daytime operations only.
…NMCB-1 begins it’s 3rd RVN deployment at Camp Hoover (Danang), relieving NMCB-9 which completed it’s 3rd RVN tour

1969…Seabee Team 0914 established a new site at Cao Lanh, Kien Phong Province.
…Three days after the arrival of the NMCB-133 Advance Party at Camp Wilkinson, on 26 May 1969, an NMCB-133 jeep traveling south on QL-1 received two mortar rounds which impacted 60 meters, from the road (ZD 060010). That night Condition Red was set in Camp Wilkinson from 2130 to 2200 as a result of a rocket attack.
…NMCB-62 Detail Goldfish, consisting of 7 Charlie Company builders, deployed to Con Thien to construct a messing facility for the 12th Marines.
…NMCB-58 Detail Golf, consisting of 1 officer and 24 enlisted men, returned to Camp Shields from Duc Pho upon completion of the airfield repair project.
…NMCB-53 Commanding Officer visited Seabee Team 5301 in Soc Trang.

1970…Commodore Chon, CNO, VNN, and party visited NMCB-5’s Detail Delta at Ha Tien.
…Cdr. D.P. Johnson, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer, NMCB-10 departed Camp Wilkinson to visit the three Seabee Teams located at Bac Lieu (Team 1017), Tan An (Team 1015), and Ham Tan (Team 1018).

1971…A rockhaul dumptruck traveling on Route 341 returning to NMCB-5’s Detail Bronco’s base camp detonated a land mine. No personnel injuries occurred.
…By 26 May, only one man from the 3rd NCB was left in RVN.

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