I suppose it is like standard government procedure to encourage the hiring of local
laborers around overseas military bases/stations...In the North African nation of
Morocco during the 50's when I was there with 6th Fleet Naval Communications we
had beaucoup Moroccan laborers....supervised by another national called a Snapper,
carrying out labor tasks... Large transport vehicles called 'cattle cars' transported the
people from pick up points in their villages into the base and at days end, back to
those same areas.. The French had Morocco as a protectorate until former King Ben
Yousef returned from his Madagascar exile in 1956 so the French lingo was spoken
well among those laborers.. Americans, the navy men in particular that I know of, are
always generous with candy and food...not only to the little kids, but hungry-hound
type natives...They give them cookies and kool-aid and various other left overs from
meals and the gee-dunk (café)...A French word to eat sound like 'mon-sha' or
mungee...means to eat...the French word pig or pork sounds like 'a-loof'....those
two terms hooked together and claimed to some rag-head that was really chowing-down
on a goodie you'd just given him would cause gagging and spitting and murderous looks
of hate from the fellow who was just enjoying the hell out of those groceries the moment
before...I don't believe it was ever said to some poor hungry fool when the sailor was there
alone with was a crowd pleaser and the sailor was well aware the murderous
look may have come to pass had he not had a protective crowd around him! JW

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