Over on the Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board and THE FIREARMS FORUM many of those packers, gunners, marksmen and fine American citizens was discussing the subject...In anticipation of having to be caught up and accident or incident
don't feel guilty of seeking counsel before any law enforcement questions you...every single participant agreed that they would do that exact thing...JW

I read these remarks and situations with great interest and watching TV news as much as I do
I so often hear the reporter/commentator seem to remark so snidely and 'catty', "the person
of interest refused to make any statements until he spoke with his attorney"! is just like
you have your own 'mouth-piece' if you will scorn the offer to have one appointed for you...and again, the snotty sounding voice "if you cannot afford......".
No, my fellow citizens and proud Americans, I have never had my rights read to at this age of mine, never been arrested or had handcuffs...I have mentioned many times about having been stationed in the North African country or Morocco...shortly after my wife arrived to accompany me there we lived out in the civilian city of Kenitra as many military personnel did...An apartment type dwelling much like our own country...Air Force and Navy mostly, but there were some American civilians. One night way after midnight there was a hammering on our door...I scoped it out thru the doors
peep-hole and it was this Air Force dependent from down the hall....I opened the door as far
as the safety chain would allow and this haggard looking woman blurted out to me...
"I'M SORRY TO BOTHER YOU BUT I'VE JUST KILLED MY BABY"! By then my night-gown clad
wife was at my shoulder and she said to let her in which I did...I went down to her unit...the
door was open and the child was in the crib....Of course, I was upset...what to do....Morocco,
being the former French protectorate, still used the term for police as 'gerndarme' (sp)...I left
the infant and apartment exactly as I found it...hustled back to ours to get some duds and
shoes on and run about 5 city blocks to the city police station...there was a military rep serving there with the local law enforcement... I was treated kindly with no suspect whatsoever, ever.
However, as part and parcel to such situations, I was required to be transported several times
to the consulate in Casablanca and Rabat to verify and testify... As things developed it seemed
the Air Force person and his wife had a fight before he departed for duty at the Sidi Slimane
AFB that evening....she got even with him and smothered their little kid...She was not confined
inasmuch as you'd wife and I would see them together at the base exchange or at
the outdoor movie theater...they just didn't occupy the apartment any longer... Our first child
was born in Morocco and I had to go again to Casablanca and take care of the recording of our
child's birth. Yeah, if I sound proud and boastful that I'd never built up a 'rep' with law
enforcement, I am...didn't live like a Holy Man from Lower Slobovia either!

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