Greetings Robert to you and yours....I must have slipped a cog for having delayed
greeting you for so long...some of my most pleasant, wartime memories built up
in your state being transferred to the Navy Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport and doing temporary (TAD) additional duty there bringing the old WWII Seabee base back into the military inventory...I was actually from the Seabee base in California
but with my naval seniority and teaching background, Gulfport beckoned...There was
a little restaurant in downtown that was the epitomy of southern/country dining ..We were
TAD'd on a per diem allowance and had to search for our food and lodging. Dang, never
thought I'd forget the strange, but oh so desirable chow the place served...anticipations
day after day, remember the food the customers catered to and keeping the plate/platter
filled...strange little name like THE BLOW-FLY or something like that.. Even an Iowa
farm boy, who had claimed to have eaten everything, animal, vegetable, or mineral, was
astounded with the southern cooking and genuine hospitality! Sweat-soaked khaki shirts
made no mind to those little servers....even smelling faintly of tear-gas where you'd had
a gas mask drill for the troops earlier....welcome beyond a mere handshake or a rap on
the kin folks!!! that was in the mid-60 before I went to
Vietnam the first time....JW

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