01 June

1966 The Third Naval Construction Brigade was re-commissioned at Danang on 01June1966 with Rear Admiral R.R. Wooding as Commander. The 3rd NCB had been inactive since the close of WWII. As the 3rd NCB was being re-activated, there were seven battalions comprising over four thousand Seabees headquartered in the I Corps area consisting of MCB-1 at Red Beach; MCB-6 and MCB-11 at Danang East; MCB-3 and MCB-4 at Chu Lai; MCB-10 west of the Danang airport and MCB-7 at Phu Bai

1967Seabee Team 0407 arrived at Tan Son Nhut, Gia Dinh Province relieving Team 0307.
At approximately 1415, MAC C-141 Flight 1443 carrying 91 NMCB-7 Main Body personnel received several rounds of small arms fire while approaching the Da Nang airfield, CM1 Vernon F. Kelley, UTP3 Jerrold N. Lavine, and EASCN Robert W. Plage sustained minor wounds.
NMCB-5s Dong Ha detail rejoined the Main Body at Camp Adenir.
The NMCB-4 Route 14 road crew was increased to 22 men.
NMCB-4 started the turnover of the Khe Sanh runway reconstruction project to NMCB-11. The crew was reduced to 55 men.
CBMU-301 begins construction of its base camp at the Dong Ha Combat Base. At the time the Advance Party arrived at Dong Ha, no camp facilities facilities whatsoever were available. As a matter of fact, the campsite which was occupied was actually outside of the Dong Ha Combat Base perimeter. Living at the start was extremely cdude at best, since the only shelters available were poor quality tents. From that time on, continual efforts were made to improve all camp facilities and living conditions. The men assigned were aware of this program and were normally content to accept less than austere conditions with the knowledge that their situation was constantly being improved. The move to SEA (Southeast Asia) huts was the first major step and provided more suitable living spaces. The next step included the completion of a more permanent shower and lavatory facility. Shortly thereafter the Enlisted Mens Club was opened, the laundry was completed in Septerber 1967, and in succeeding months the library, recreation building, and Acey-Deucy Club were opened. Working conditions were also improved with the completion of the Butler type buildings for supply storage and Alpha Company shops in October and November. The new Bravo and Charlie Company shops were also completed. CBMU-301 normally worked a minimum six and one half day (65 hours) week, workload permitting. Normal daily routine was from 0645 to 1745 with one hour for lunch. On Sundays, the working hours were 0645 to 1145

1968NMCB-58 completed its paving operation on the main roads of FLC, Red Beach, Da Nang. 858 cu. yds of fill, 788 cu. yds of road-run rock and 546 cu. yds. of mineral fines were utilized to upgrade the main roads at FLC. Over this prepared surface, 4,162 tons of hot-laid was placed. The Battalion expended 936 man-days of direct labor on this project.
NMCB-40 Detail Golf truck convoy received 6 mortar rounds and 7 rounds of small arms fire while hauling rock on Route 9. EOH3 R.C. McBurnie received minor injuries.
NMCB-11 relieved NMCB-5 at Dong Ha Rock Ramp and commenced hauling rock for Routes 1 and 9 projects.

1969NMCB-62 Detail Goldfish rejoined the Battalion at Camp Barnes.
NMCB-58 Annual Supply Inspection conducted by LT H.F. Gohrband, Jr., SC, USN, COM31NCR Staff.
Phu Bai Combat Base came under 122mm rocket attack at approximately 2110. No rounds were received within Camp Campbell.
At 0419, Rocket Condition was set. No rounds landed within the Camp Adenir perimeter.
At an awards ceremony held at Camp Adenir, CAPT J.E. Powell, COM30NCR, presented 2 Navy Commendation Medals with Combat V, 1 Navy Commendation Medal, 3 Navy Achievement Medals with Combat V, and 1 Meritorious Unit Commendation to NMCB-4 personnel.
MAJ Urban, USMC, CB50, reviewed the Ordance/Communication/Military Readiness areas on NMCB-4. LCDR Matthews, CEC, USN, reviewed Embarkation and Contingency Planning.

1970NMCB-121 Detail Echo, consisting of 1 officer and 28 enlisted men, deployed to Camp Wilkinson.

2010Radm. Katherine Gregory made history as she pinned on her first star, becoming the Civil Engineer Corps. First female flag officer

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