Reverting back to the late 50's and early 60's when I was a staff instructor at the
Naval Construction Battalion Center, Davisville Rhode Island...Plus the instruction
duties of ratings involved classes, we had multi-service personnel who were slated
to go, or had already gone, down to the South Pole (Antarctica) generally referred
to as OPERATION DEEP FREEZE... Following a lot of boastful reporting about port
calls and liberty enjoyments in New Zealand and Australia, they'd tell of more
mundane chores helping the scientists and other professionals with their tasks.
Core sample drilling of various glacial sites was such a task. Remember now, back
in those years Earth's climate changes weren't at the forefront of any conversations
such as todays are... There are many such articles on Google as the one I have
posted below...I believe there is one for and 800,000 year reference. JW

Ice cores and climate change - Publication - British Antarctic Survey
https://www.bas.ac.uk Data Explore polar data Our publications
... Ice Sheets and Climate Change team Polar Oceans team Space Weather and ... Slices of ice core, drilled from the depths of the Earth's ice sheets, reveal details of ... Ice cores contain information about past temperature, and about many other ... Crucially, the ice encloses small bubbles of air that contain a sample of the ...

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