05 June

1966…NMCB-4 completed the original work order for construction and improvement of the Chu Lai Airfield.

1967…NMCB-74 Advance Party 1, consisting of 3 officers and 57 enlisted men, departed CBC Gulfport via C-141 aircraft for Da Nang.
…NMCB-4 CO and S-3 visit Con Thien, Khe Sanh, and Lang Vie. The Lang Vie Special Forces camp had been attacked the night before and destroyed. NMCB-4 provided construction assiatance from Khe Sanh on an emergency basis in rebuilding the Lang Vie Special Forces Camp.
…On 5 May the number of Seabee battalions in-country increased to ten with the arrival at Phu Bai of an advance detachment from MCB-3. The detachment immediately began constructing base facilities for the battalion in the Gia Le Combat Base, five miles north-west of the Phu Bai airstrip. By the end of the month the detachment had completed 70 perecnt of the facilities.
…NMCB-1 had the hamlets of Hoa Phu and Chon Tam in its area of Civic Action responsibility during its 1967 deployment to Da Nang.
In the hamlet of Hoa Phu the Civic Action efforts consisted not only the weekly MEDCAP and DENTCAP work, but also in the completion and dedication of a new maternity clininc, the digging of a well and erection of a water storage tank for the clinic, the administering of III MAF scholarships, several truchloads of scrap wood and a fence for the school yard. Hoa Phu was a very stable farming area; thus extensive assistance was not needed or required. The hamlet also had a stable government which provided NMCB-1 a good working relationship.
In the hamlet of Chon Tam, which was a refugee hamlet, NMCB-1’s Civic Action efforts consisted of not only the weekly MEDCAP and DENTCAP work, but also in distributing a monthly food and grain allowance, which was supplied by CORDS. Used clothing, sent by various organizations and individuals in the states, was also issued. Several III MAF scholarships were administered and the hamlet chief was assisted in applying for a three room addition to the existing school. Each day the galley garbage and scrap wood was delivered to Hoa Khnah village of which Chon Tam hamlet is a part. Some school supplies were also provided for the children. Some school supplies were also provided for the children. On one of the Vietnamese National Holidays, Children;s Autumn Festival, candy and cookies were furnished for a children’s party. On another National Holiday five boxes of clothes were distributed as part of a joint effort with other military units in the area to families whose husbands or fathers had been killed in action.
During the course of the deployment the Battalion acquired two additional Civic Action commitments. The first was in the hamlet of Kim Lien, which was located about five miles north of NMCB-1’s base camp. The work in this hamlet was in the form of assistance to the 29th Civil Affairs Company of the U.S. Army. The work consisted of a weekly visit by the MEDCAP and DENTCAP team, plus financial aid and equipment help in building a new school house. The second additional commitment consisted of assisting at Trung Phuoc (FLC) Children’s Hospital. The assistance was in the form of a full time corpsman who worked 6 ˝ days a week and Medical Officer visits three times a week. $500.00 was also donated to the hospital for the purpose of new construction. Several boxes of toys and clothes were given to the children of the hospital.
The MEDCAP in these hamlets consisted mainly in the treating of superficial lacerations, abrasions, infections, skin rashes, and intestinal worm infections. Approximately 1,000 persons were seen and treated per month. More severe illness required transporting the hamlet people to other hospitals-mainly the Children’s Hospital at FLC and Da Nang Civilian Hospital. MEDCAP supplies were provided from the MEDCAP warehouse at FLC

1968…While clearing fields of fire at NMCB-58’s Hoi An construction site, three trip-wire Chi-com grenade booby traps and four tunnels were discovered. One tunnel contained approximately 150 pounds of rice. Grenades and tunnels were destroyed.
…LCDR H. DeGroote, MSC, USN, of the Commander Service Force Pacific Staff began 1 two-day inspection of the NMCB-58 medical and dental facilities at the Hoi An camp site and Camp Haskins North.
…NMCB-74 Advance Party flight of 3 officers and 85 enlisted men arrived at Camp Shields.
…NMCB-40 Detail Golf truck convoy received 10 small arms rounds and 8 mortar rounds while hauling rock on Route 9. No injuries or damage was sustained by NMCB-40 personnel or equipment.
…A rifle grenade detonated near the cab of an NMCB-8 TS-24 causing ear damage and facial wounds to the driver and damage to the hydraulic system of the TS-24. The driver was medevaced and the equipment deadlined.
…CBMU-302 completed a 40-foot observation tower at NSF, Cam Ranh Bay
…One artillery attack on Cua Viet
…Seabee Team 0601 departed its site at Thu Duc, Gia Dinh Province after being relieved by Team 7401 and Team 0602 departed its site at Phuoc Le, Phuoc Tuy Privince after being relieved by Team 13302
… On the morning of 5 June, an MCB-40 hauling crew was mortared at 0930, This attack occurred 7.5 miles west-southwest of Dong Ha. A half-hour later the same Seabee crew was attacked by snipers approximately 7 miles further to the west. Sniper fire from the same vicinity was received by an MCB-40 convoy about 1100 the same day. None of these four attacks resulted in casualties or damage.
…The road upgrade program continued to make progress in spite of enemy harassment. On Route 9, between Dong Ha and Cam Lo, road and bridge widening continued and the rock base was placed on a 2/1 mile section. Route 1 between Dong Ha and Quang Tri had been widened and more than 7 miles of rock base had been completed. North and south of Camp Evans more than 10 miles of Route 1 had been widened. Timber bridge work on Route 1 included a 300-foot bridge, 13 miles south of Quang Tri and an 840-foot bridge at An Lo. Work on both projects remained on schedule. Portions of the Tan My end of the Col Co road were ready for asphalt paving by month’s end and the dredge sand fill was 70 percent complete. Work on the center portion of the Hue by-pass continued to be hampered by real estate problems although rock fill on the southern portion had been started.
On Route 1 between Hue and Phu Bai, asphalt paving was started with one lane completed between the north and south checkpoints at Phu Bai.

1969…NMCB-121 EO2 McCollum was decorated with a Purple Heart Medal at Camp DeShurley.
…NMCB-121 Main Body began departing Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le for CBC Gulfport. The movement was completed on 11 June 1969.
…At 0632 four or five unknown size rockets impacted just north of Camp Barnes. No NMCB-62 personnel or equipment casualties were sustained. The Camp remained in Condition Blue until 0730.

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