15 June

1966A detached unit of one officer and fourteen enlisted men from NMCB-1 moved from Camp Haskins and established a base camp on Hill 724 to commence construction of a light Anti-Aircraft Missle (LAAM) installation for defense of northern air approaches to the Da Nang Combat Base. The size of this unit varied to as high as forty-five men during construction. The LAAM Site was completed and occupied by the Marine Hawk Missle Battery on 21 August 1966, twent-five days ahead of the original completion schedule. The detachment returned to NMCB-1s camp in early September. Construction was delayed until the area could be relatively well secured and adequate Marine security forces could be provided )
On 15 June the Post Exchange in the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF) recreation area at the base of Hill 327 (west of Da Nang) was opened. This complex, which also includes a 5,000-seat amphitheater and buildings for Special Services, Red Cross, and USO activities, was built by MCB-10.

1967Seabees from six of the ten Battalions in-country began a major project (code-named Illinois City) which included making repairs to Route 1, the principal highway in the I Corps Tactical Zone. The Seabees were tasked with improving 139 miles of roads north of DaNang
NMCB-1 completed its Dai Loc Bridge project located approximately 14 miles south of Da Nang. The bridge was constructed to provide support to military operations south of the Vu Gia River and link up with the Liberty Bridge and road leading to An Hoa. Previously, access to this area was confined either to one section of particularly hazardous road or to the old Dai Loc Bridge, which had a low load limit and actually failed soon after the new bridge was completed. NMCB-1 took over construction from NMCB-9 when the bridge was approximately 40% complete and completed the 378 foot timber pile structure. During average weather conditions the bridge stood 30 feet off the water which was 17 feet deep in mid-channel. The length of the pile leads available and the height of the finished deck necessitated driving piling from a lower level over the main section of the river. This as accomplished by stepping off the bents driven from the bridge deck and walking the pile driver out on a temporary deck fashioned over the piling as it was driven to abutment height of about six feet above the water. The river bed presented some difficulties in driving due to what was later diagnosed as a hard silt crust. The bridge was completed well ahead of the rainy season aand supported marine and Seabee operations in the Dai Loc area.

1968CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited various NMCB-128 construction sites.
NMCB-128 Advance Party under LT W.C. Hilderbrand, CEC, USNR, departed Camp Faulkner for CBC Gulfport.
NMCB-74 Advance Party Two, consisting of 3 officers and 35 enlisted men arrived at Camp Shields, Chu Lai.
NMCB-62 Detail Yankee, consisting of 1 officer, 1 Corpsman, 1 Equipment Operator, and 18 Builders/Steelworkers, deployed to the Truoi River, 10 miles south of Phu Bai on Route 1, to begin restoration of the damaged Truoi River, 400 foot, 2 span, steel truss, railroad bridge.
A rocket/mortar attack occurred in the Red Beach area of Da Nang. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from 0550 to 0616. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins South.
An armed convoy consisting of 28 trucks from the five Da Nang Battalions departed the Hoi An camp site for the outlying 3rd Battalion, 2nd ROK Marine Brigade. All materials for the construction of 48 buildings were transported in this convoy. Extensive precutting and fabrication resulted ib the SEA hut construction being completed on 22 June 1968. A detail of 54 enlisted men accomplished this project.
NMCB-40/NMCB-74 BEEP concluded.
NMCB-74s second flight Advance Party of 3 officers and 35 enlisted men arrived at Camp Shields.
The Da Nang Red Beach area received ten 122mm rockets at 0520, none of which landed in the Seabee perimeter.

1969At 1540, an NMCB-133 road crew received one rocket and ten sniper rounds
NMCB-58 celebrated the half-way point of the deployment. A steak fry, sporting events, and several shows highlighted the days festivities.
NMCB-58 Detail Hotel, consisting of 1 officer and 24 enlisted men, rejoined the Battalion at Camp Shields upon completion of their riverbank clearing operation in the Delta region.
At 0023, Rocket Condition was set. No rounds landed within the Camp Adenir perimeter.
NMCB-10s Advance Party of 2 officers and 17 men departed for CONUS via C-141 aircraft.

1970NMCB-121 Detail Hotel consisting of 12 men, deployed to Tien Phuoc.
NMCB-7s Detail Sandbox, consisting of 24 enlisted men returned to Camp Shields after assiting NMCB-5.
NMCB-7s Detail Xray, consisting of 1 officer and 48 enlisted men, returned to Camp Shields after being relieved by NMCB-5 at the ATSB construction site at Phuoc Xuyen Province.
MCB-10 Detail India returned to Camp Wilkinson from Vinh Loc and continued to carry out Civic Action Projects from the main base camp.

1971CBPAC DET RVN officers relocated from a rented billet at 190 Bis Tastuer to quarters at the Detachment compound, Tan Son Nhut.

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