16 June

1965… Navy Department schedules reactivation of hospital ship Repose (AH 16), first hospital ship activated for Vietnam conflict.
1969…William G. White CE1 (MCB-5) Union City, NJ-Camp DeShurley, Phu Loc
…In early 1967, the First Marine Division assigned NMCB-4 Civic Action responsibility for Hoa An hamlet, a community of about 10,000 people comprising the north portion of Hoa Phat village. Initial contacts with the hamlet and village chiefs confirmed that there were no urgent needs, but that the hamlet needed someone to turn to for assistance from time to time. The time came in June 1967 when 24 homes were destroyed by fire. Volunteer security platoon personnel used their free day time to find and distribute food, clothing, and building materials. Lumber was the most difficult to obtain and required many trips to pier and cargo facilities for dunnage and to other activities for scrap and surplus material. Approximately 35,000 board feet of various lumber sizes were collected in this manner and distributed.
…NMCB-4 completed Aircraft Revetments for MAG 11 and a storage building for MWSG-17 SATS

1968… Seabee Team 0808 departed Bangkok, Thailand via military aircraft for CONUS.

1969… Phu Bai Combat Base came under 122mm rocket attack. No rounds were received within Camp Campbell.
…The NMCB-10/NMCB-11 BEEP begun.
…Morale was good at the beginning of NMCB-10’s 1968-1969 deployment and rose steadily to outstanding where it remained for the last three months of the deployment. A major factor in the high morale was a continuing, meaningful high-priority workload at both Camp Evans Combat Base and the various construction detail locations from Saigon to Quang Tri.
As the deployment reached the halfway point, R&R became an increasingly important factor with most of the men taking advantage of a chanch to be with their families in Hawaii or visiting one of the foreign countries available under the R&R program. Also, with the addition of better equipment in December, the increased reliability of the battalion MARS Station had a definite effect on raising morale.
Due to the extreme temperatures experienced at Camp Haines, outdoor sports were not well received, and major emphasis was placed on establishing a well-stocked, air-conditioned library for the men to relax in during their off-duty hours. In addition, Special Services provided a large tape library from which the men could have their own tapes made. The latter was extremely well received, since most of the personnel had a chance to purchase stereo equipment through Special Services, which organized a buying trip to Okinawa.
The messing provided at Camp Haines was outstanding throughout the deployment, and as a result, the galley won a finalist position in the COMNAVFORV competition for outstanding messes in Vietnam.
Berthing conditions, while not the best in-country, were excellent with the camp being well laid out and each company provided a separate berthing circle with men berthed eight to ten to a hut,
In summary, although Special Services programs were somewhat limited due to the remote location of Camp Haines, and extreme temperatures were experienced, the several large high priority construction projects which were completed gave the “Men of Ten” a sense of purpose and accomplishment, thus fostering high morale throughout the deployment.

1970… NMCB-7’s Detail Kilo, consisting of 2 officers and 106 enlisted men returned to Camp Shields from their upgrade QL-1, Cau Lau Bridge work upon being relieved on-site by NMCB-121 and NMCB-62.
…BGen. J.C. Smith, Assistant Division Commander, 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) paid a farewell visit to NMCB-10 and visited the Battalion’s job sites.

1971…NMCB-5’s Detail Maverick reported it’s road work project for ACTOVRAD Site #8 at Mui Dinh to be 75% complete even thought work had been curtailed due to heavy rains during the month of June

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