18 June

1966…RADM Husband, COMNAVFACENGCOM visited NMCB-7 at the Hue/Phu Bai base camp.
…NMCB-4 completed Chu Lai’s only POL tank facilities.
…LTjg. Patrick A. O’Neal, CEC, USNR was presented the Navu Commendation Medal by Capt. N.R. Anderson, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, for his meritorious service and achievement as OIC of the Provisional Platoon run by NMCB-11.

1967…NMCB-11 deployed a 36-man Detail to Lang Vie to construct a Special Forces camp for the U.S. Army Fifth Special Forces Group (Airborne). The Detail returned to base camp on 26 November 1967.

1968…Seabee Team 0911 returned to CONUS via C-118 aircraft upon completion of a six month deploymeny to northern Thailand.
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-71 at Camp Miller, Chu Lai.
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB and CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, COM30NCR visited NMCB-40 at camp Shields and toured area construction sites.
…Camp Evans received seven rounds of 122mm rockets, none of which landed in the NMCB-4 area.

1969…NMCB-58 began construction of a 40’x120’re-engineered steel building for MAG-12, Chu Lai, to house the Aircraft Operations facility. At the time the project was 90% complete and turned over to NMCB-7, the building and interior work was complete. The equipment room and retaining wall were partially complete and the project was awaiting shipment of the air-condintionng system.
…60 foot bridge BP-1 and 190 foot bridge BP-2 was attacked by varios VC units using RPG, mortar, and small srms fire. No NMCB-128 casualties. One tractor crawler, D8E, one crawler TD20, and one crane tractor wheel B210 suffered minor damage from small arms fire.
…Three 122mm rockets landed in Camp Rhodes. No casualties. Minor damage to “B” Company Shops.
…Phu Bai Combat Base came under 122mm rocket attack at approximately 1950. No rounds were received within Camp Campbell.
…CDR Roy D. Gaulden, CO NMCB-4, presented Letters of Commendation/Appreciation to five Battalion personnel and 6 GED certificates.

1970…An NMCB-62 Detail Buford road crew received 25 rounds of sniper fire on Route LTL-4 resulting in no personnel injuries.
…NMCB-62 Detail Laramie, consisting of 14 Charlie Company personnel, deployed to two 2nd ROK Marine Brigade sites south of Da Nang to construct new combat base facilities.

1971…A scraper returning from a job on Route 341 detonated a mine containing dynamite and decomposed composition B near NMCB-5’s Detail Bronco. No personnel injuries resulted.

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