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"OREO Feedback"

As I said a few days ago on this board, it good to see some chatter going on about the speedway. Let's have a bit of fun, knowing that Oswego Speedway staff read what is said on this board. We'll call it "OREO Feedback". Start by saying one thing you really like about the Big O, then something you would like to see improved, then finish with one more thing you like about the speedway. Let's keep it respectful and positive, in a spirit of thankfulness to the speedway. I'll start:

Like #1: I really like the heritage and tradition of supermodified racing at Oswego Speedway. Through thick and thin, "The Big O" continues to put on the greatest short track racing in the world. Part of the speedway's greatness is its fans and forums like this one where we can share info and network.

Improvement: I'd like to see the speedway get back to having three ISMA events per season. I really miss not having an ISMA event in July, in addition to one on Memorial Day Weekend and one on Classic Weekend. Oswego Speedway is known for its supermodified racing. Based on the feedback I see on this board, I think that most of us would gladly trade an ROC Modified race for an ISMA one (no disrespect intended to ROC Modifieds).

Like #2: Oswego's Owners. Thank you to the Torrese family for all you have done in recent years to maintain and improve the Oswego Speedway facility. Undoubtedly, you are a tremendous blessing to the supermodified community. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I also appreciate how you have always been friendly toward this supermodified fan and his family.


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