15 July

1950…NMCB-3 is re-activated at the Port Hueneme CBC

1967…Unknown number of VC attacks Da Nang air base in Quang Nam Province with an estimated 50 rounds of suspected 122mm rockets. West runway cratered, east runway open. 45 USAF/USMC KIA, 10 aircraft destroyed , 41 aircraft damaged, and 13 barracks destroyed. NMCB-7 sends a Disaster Recovery Detail to begin clearing the damage. Before the end of the day the airfield was back in full operation.
…NMCB-4 completed all fill work on Route 14. A portion of the EO crew was shifted to construction of the Liberty Bridge North Approach.
… For MAG 11, aircraft revetments and a ready ammo pad of Armco revetments on a concrete slab were constructed, and extensive cantonment and flight line repairs were made after the 15 July rocket attack. The repairs involved the reconstruction of 27 strongback huts, reproofing of 6 others and miscellaneous repairs to 40 more, the repair of 5 shops and 2 SATS hangers, the replacement or repair of two 80 foot sections of Armco revetment, and the cutting out and replacement of two 600 sq. ft. sections of concrete hardstand.

1968…The 81-man Advance Party from NMCB-22 departs Gulfport for Camp Haskins North,Danang relieving NMCB-58 which was completing it’s second RVN deployment
… The 46 men of NMCB-1’s Detail Alpha returned indivually over a period of time to the battalion base camp from NICTZ (Northern I Corps Tactical Zone) battalions. The return was completed by 25 September 1968
… Work was started by NMCB-62 on re-opening the railroad between Hue and Da Nang when Seabees began repairs on Truoi River railroad bridge on 15 July. This was the first of four spans which were to have spans raised and damaged sections repaired or replaced.

1969…Seabee Team 0810 relocated from Can Tho to a new team compound at Rach Goi, Phong Dinh Province.
…NMCB-11 Detail Golf departed cam haines for Saigon to construct three Vietnamese marine Corps Artillery Bases.

1970… NMCB-121 Details Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, and Hotel rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins South.
…An NMCB-62 TD-20 detonated a 40 pound mine on Route LTL-4 resulting in major equipment damage and one Seabee MEDEVACED with serious injuries.
…An NMCB-62 MRS water tanker detonated a 40 pound mine on Route LTL-4 resulting in major equiupment damage and the return of the operator to the Camp Hoover Dispensary with minor injuries.
…In the presence of distinguished and the officers and men of NMCB-62, CDR F.M. Newcomb relieved CDR J.P. Jones, Jr. of Command of NMCB-62. During the NMCB-62 Change of Command Ceremony, BGEN Shedd, Chief of Staff, XXIV Corps presented NMCB-62 with the U.S. Army Meritorius Unit Commendation for the period of the Dong Ha deployment, 02 April 1969 to 20 November 1969.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Kilo completed ACTOV construction at rach Soi and moved off site. Construction included administrative facilities, troop housing, maintenance facilities, POL storage, a mess hall, and water and electrical distribution systems.
…VADM J.H. King, COMNAVFORV and party visited NMCB-5’s Detail Delta at Ha Tien and Detail Golf at Nam Can.
…Commodore Chon, CNO VNN and party visited NMCB-5’s Detail Delta at Ha Tien.
…MCB-10 Detail Papa returned to Camp Wilkinson from Vinh Loc after completing construction of the FSI cantonment.

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