20 July

1967…NMCB-3 assembled a 7 man detail to begin construction of the Hue Armed Forces and GVN TV stations. The AFRTV station’s initial telecast was transmitted 06 August 1967 at 1700.

1968…29 NMCB-62 EO’s and CM’s, who had been TAD to NMCB-133 at Phu Bai, rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins South.
…NMCB-62 Detail X-ray, completed the communications facility at Nha Trang and departed for Vung Tau, to construct another communication facility.
…An enemy booby trap was detonated in NMCB-58’s Borrow Pit at Hoi An. The Battalion sustained three enlisted men WIA, one of which was seriously wounded.
…CDR L.D. Lawson, CEC, USN, relieved CDR R.B. Wilson, CEC, USN, as NMCB-7 relieved NMCB-5 at Camp Barnes, Dong Ha Combat Base.
…NMCB-5 was relieved at Camp Barnes, Dong Ha, by NMCB-7
…An NMCB-7 road crew received small arms fire near YD 061577 while clearing brush for the Route 9 upgrade. No casualties and contact was broken.

1969…Former Navy pilot Neil Armstrong is first man to set foot on the moon, announcing, "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Armstrong was Commander of Apollo 11 which during its 8 day mission landed on the Sea of Tranquility. Recovery was by HS-4 helicopters from USS Hornet (CVS 12).
…Camp DeShurley went to Condition Red from 2120 to 2400 due to small arms fire on the perimeter. That same night, fire support bases along QL-1 between Lang Co and Cau Doi were hit by mortar and rocket attacks and at Claymore Pass, the perimeter of FSB Tomahawk was penetrated by a sapper attack.
…NMCB-58 formation and awards ceremony was held. CDR C.J. Mathews, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-58 presented the Expert Pistol Medal to LTJG D.E. Berglund, USN.
…Reopening ceremonies for the Freedom Hill Exchange Complet were held. LTGEN H. Nickerson, Jr., Commander, Third Marine Amphibious Force, and RADM J.G. Dillon, COM3NCB attended.
…The “Eve and Brian Show” performed for the men at Camp Adenir. The entertainment was enjoyed by all hands.
…RIP CM2 Daniel E. McGrath NSA Da Nang

1970...Seabee Team 12104 closed out its site at Rach Goi, Phong Dinh Province.
…NMCB-121 Main Body began returning to CBC Gulfport. The movement was completed on 25 July 1970.
…106 men from NMCB-5’s Detail Yankee at Camp Haskins, Da Nang departed via the LST USS Wexford County (LST 1168) for Bien Hoa. The movement was completd by 24 July.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Kilo completed construction at Rach Soi and joined Detail Charlie at Cho Moi.

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