The aforementioned DCR report was confusing for me..the term 82MM rockets.
I thought the usage of mortars and rockets not being inter-changed...I guess the use was when a mortar round was compatible to a rocket propelled grenade

Many, but not all mortars have complex fuses, which require a certain threshold of acceleration to be attained in order to prime and arm the mortar for detonation. Once fired, most mortar rounds must reach its designated threshold to detonate. Meaning that only when most mortar rounds have enough force/kinetic energy behind it, would it detonate. As the designed force threshold typically projects the mortar round at a great enough of a distance so that it would not be a danger to those firing it.

A variety of RPG rounds can also be modified with this type of mortar, by removing the auto-destroying fuze and then using it as mortar round. The Mujahideen in Afghanistan used a similarly technique, with a modified time-fuse mortar as an anti-infantry weapon against the Russians firing the RPG-mortar at an aimed, high-arc so the device would explode in an air-burst of their target.

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