07 August

1782…Badge of Military Merit (Purple Heart) established

1964… The first C-123 aircraft landed on the Dong Ba Thin Airstrip, Khanh Hoa Province, constructed by Seabee Team 0504

1966… NMCB-1 was involved in the maintenance of Route 1 from BaNa Road (7th Engineers) (L701 6659 III 951-801/956-786) to Camp Haskins, Red Beach, Da Nang. The project involved patching the road surface and repairing the shoulders of Highway Route 1. In addition to patching existing holes the complete road surface was sprayed periodically with and asphalt and diesel oil mixture for dust suppression and surface sealing coat. The project was cancelled and the scope revised to completely rebuild this posrtion of Route #1 The original road surface was scarified and compacted. A six (6) inch lift of 4” minus rock was laid as a base course and compacted. This was followed by a 3” top couse of ¾ inch minus rock which was shot with asphalt four (4) times, road mixed, rolled and compacted. Between each asphalt application the ¾ inch rock was backbladed repeatedly to insure through mixing. Several culverts were rebuilt and extended to accommodate the wider road.
…NMCB-6 deployed 15 Enlisted men to the vicinity of 991646 to construct a cantonment for 2/12 Marines. The Detail returned to Camp Faulkner on 01 November 1966

1967… NMCB-11 completed construction of the first permanent cold storage reefer facility in the Northern I Corps area and increased the cold storage capability of Dong Ha by 450%.

1968… NMCB-7 received a welcoming visit from RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB; CAPT J.M. Hill, COM32NCR; CDR W.K. Hartell, Commanding Officer NMCB-11; and CDR M.Z. Hanlon, Operations Officer 32NCR.
…One artillery attack on both Cua Viet and Dong Ha
…The An Lo Bridge was dedicated in early August by Radm. J.V. Bartlett. At the dedication ceremonies five men from the bridge crew were awarded the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry for their work.
…Camp Barnes received eight rounds of 130mm artillery at 1630 with Hut B-1 taking a direct hit. The hut was destroyed by blast and fire with several others receiving shrapnel damage.. 3 personnel received minor wounds. Again at 1900 and additional 8 rounds of 130mm artillery impacted within the Dong Ha Combat Base, however, none landed with Camp Barnes.

1969… CDR W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN, CBPAC Operations Officer and LT R.M. Rohrback, CEC, USN, CBPAC Administive Officer visited NMCB-133 at Camp Wilkinson for an Operations, Training, and Administrative Inspection.
…At a Change of Command Ceremony aboard Camp Wilkinson, CAPT A.W. Walton, Jr., CEC, USN, was relieved as Commander, 32NCR by CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN.
…NMCB-11 Commanding Officer, Operations Officer, battalion master Chief, and Color Guard participated in Change of Command ceremonies at 32NCR.
… Early in the morning of 07 August 1969 at Landing Zone Nancy (LZ Nancy), a U.S. Army Mortar Platoon was firing in support of a security patrol under fire outside the wire. Sparks from a mortar tube ignited nearby ammunition stores. Seven Seabees from NMCB-11 raced through darkness in an attempt to extinguish the flames. They fought the conflagration and prevented it from spreading. CM1 Milford M. Tognazzini, USN, was KIA by shrapnel from an exploding armored personnel carrier. Several of his fellow Seabees were WIA. CM1 Tognazzini was posthumously awarded the Soldier’s Medal for Heroism for injuries suffered during the incident.

1970… RADM H.S. Matthews, Deputy Commander Naval Forces, Vietnam visited NMCB-5’s detail Golf at Nam Can

1971… RADM S.R. Smith, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC, and CAPT D.W. Wittschiebe, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited NMCB-5’s Detail Xray, at Cubi Point, PI, and Clydesdale at Sangley Point, PI.
…CDR D.G. Wilson, CEC, USN relieved CDR H.E. Keppel, Jr., CEC, USN as Commanding Officer of CBMU-302
…CBMU-302 completed a potable water system at Cat Lo and 226 dependant housing units at Da Nang

1987…First female CEC to serve as Officer-In-Charge of a Seabee unit-Lt. Catherine Calhoun (CBU-415

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