As in all parts of the Republic of Vietnam, fresh water was a priceless commodity, especially during the dry summer months. In order to provide the additional water to meet current demands at the Marine Force Logistics Command (FLC) at Camp Books, Da Nang, NMCB-62 was tasked with a high priority, $375,000 water improvement project. Approximately 200.000 gallons per day of potable water was required at the Force Logistics Command base.The original water supply consisted of several shallow wells, sunk 60 feet in the sand, yielding about 25 gallons per minute per well. However, over 100,000 gallons per day from outside sources had to be trucked in just to keep up with the basic demand.

A.J. (Pete) WELTY EO1/c ...Pete was a neighbor of mine back in Oxnard, in fact on the same street, 3 doors down.. Pete and I had joined MCB#9 back in 1962 and did a tour on Okinawa.
Later, when I got orders to MCB#5 in 1967, Pete was there already and doing the water well-drilling in Vietnam..
Later, after both of us had retired from the Navy, Pete would tell be about his 'water-witching' techniques to punch down a well...I always felt
Pete was joking, but what's to argue if
you don't know for sure...Pete become a realtor in Oxnard and I'd contract to do all his drain cleaning on the rental units he managed... Pete moved to Arizona and in 1979 I got fed up with the Oxnard crime so I contacted Pete in Glendale Arizona and bought this house I still live in off
Shawn Realty, Pete's very successful business..It has been quite a while
since Pete passed away. If there is an Irish section in Heaven, I'd chance to
guess Pete is there, trying to behave
himself!! JW

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