13 August

1965… The Second Platoon of Company A, 7th Engineer Battalion arrived from DaNang to assist NMCB-10 in the construction of the MAG-36 Helopad at Chu Lai. After three months and two weeks of hard work, on everything from the helopad to strongback tents, the Marines departed to rejoin their Company in DaNang. Throughout they showed they could work right with the Seabees and they earned the right to the title “Honorary Seabees.”

1967…23 members of NMCB-133 were wounded when 2 huts at their Camp Faulkner base camp were struck by direct hits during an enemy mortar attack.

1968…NMCB-22 begins it’s first and only RVN deployment at Camp Haskins South relieving NMCB-58 which was completing it’s second RVN deployment
…At 1330 CDR J.C. Rickels, CEC, USN, relieved CDR L.D. Lawson, CEC, USN, as Commanding Officer NMCB-7. the Ceremony was conducted on the Camp Barnes Parade Ground and was attended by MGEN R.G. Davis, CG THIRD MARDIV and other Commanding Officers and Staff Officers from units in the Dong Ha-Quang Tri Area.
…Seabee Teams 0703 and 0704 arrived at Da Nang and proceeded directly to Soc Trang City and Go Cong City, respectively. Team 0703 releived Team 5802 at Soc Trang, Ba Xuyen Province and Team 0704 relieved Team 4002 at Go Cong, Go Cong Province

1969… NMCB-62 Detail Pike rejoined the Battalion at Camp Barnes.
…CDR W.L. Wilson, COMCBPAC and LT R.M. Rhorbac conducted a Management Inspection on NMCB-8 at Camp Haskins South.
…At 0404, Camp Adenir went into Rocket Condition. Enemy 122mm rocket rounds impacted on the Da Nang Air Base and the Bridge Cargo Ramp. No rounds landed within the NMCB-4 perimeter at Camp Adenir.
…RADM Dillon, COM3NCB and CAPT J.E. Powell, COM30NCR, visited NMCB-4 at Camp Adenir for a briefing on the NMCB-4 projects and workload

1970… RADM R.E. Adamson, Commander NSA Saigon visited NMCB-5’s Detail Delta at Ha Tien

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