On Aug. 14, 1945, President Truman announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

Of course there were no TV's or other
rapid forms of communication...the mid-west farms were scarce of even
electricity so the newspapers and the
NEWS OF THE DAY features at the Saturday night movie shows in town was a source of news... School children from the nearby Greeley Iowa Consolidated school system had been
noted in the news about their gathering of things advertised needed for the war effort...scrap iron, paper, grease. I would be 12 years old the next October and enter the 7th grade...I had gunny sacks filled with those noted things for the war effort...whatever milk-weed pods
were used for, I would gather them from the fields and near by river banks and haul them to school on the school bus...someone would pick them up from school (or maybe the janitor would toss them...) I never knew because I just kept hauling them in... The news of the Japanese surrender come among the news of the strange bomb being used against their very island
and President Truman was being declared a hero of almost spiritual standing... early in September school would begin and news films would be shown in the assembly or in the gym..
The 7th graders would be up in the assembly this year..I must inquire to the coach what I should do with those
bags full of milk-weed would take 3 or 4 trips on the bus to get them all in to the janitor...the
day school started in September the radio station WHO Des Moines broadcast the surrender of the Japanese on board the battleship USS Missouri...we asked the Principal why
it was not the USS Iowa... He seemed kind of exasperated and turned and left us kids...JW


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