17 August

1966…NMCB-6 deployed 1 Officer and 75 Enlisted men to Dai Loc (916582) to construct a cantonment for 2/3 Marines. The Detail returned to Camp Faulkner on 05 November 1966.
…Gen. Lewis W. Walt, USMC, CG III MAF, commended NMCB-11 for performance of work on the III MAF Officer’s Club Patio. It was a job a civilian crew said was impossible; NMCB-11 did the impossible

1967…The Khe Sanh airstrip is closed for maintenance by Detail Bravo of CBMU-301. The Marines at Khe Sanh affectionately referred to the ‘301 Seabees as “The Rock Crushers” as they laid a 5 to 8 inch thick base of gravel as a base for the new aluminum matting.
The runway renovation performed by the Seabees proved to be a major contributor to the re-supply of Khe Sanh during the coming 77-day siege
…LCDR F.M. Newcomb, CEC, USN, from CBPAC, inspected NMCB-133’s Plans and Training Department.
…LCDR F.M. Newcomb, CBPAC Planning Officer, conducted an Administration Inspection of the NMCB-7 planning, readiness, and embarkation functions

1968…Seabees from NMCB-22 respond to a fuel fire at the Danang Northwest Tank Farm. A letter of commendation from Radm. Osborn, COMNAVSUPPACT DANANG reads in part “…Your prompt and courageous response to the emergency prevented serious injury and undoubtedly saved the remainder of the fuel farm. The commendation referred to EO2 J.W. Beattie, EO2 P.L. Adent, and EO3 G.A. Deroussell
… An NMCB-8 crane located at a U.S. Army position along Col Co Road, received minor damage from enemy mortars during an attack on the Army position, There were no NMCB-8 casualties.
…NMCB-3 completed paving operations at the ARVN/VNAF ASP
…NMCB-7 outpost #25 reported sounds of small arms fire 300 yards out from the perimeter at 1945. 4 NVA were observed about 100 meters from the wire.

1969…Hurricane Camille makes landfall at Gulport delaying the fourth flight of the NMCB-74 deployment to Quang Tri
…During a Change of Command ceremony at Camp Campbell, Phu Bai, Cdr. C.V.W. Popowich, CEC, USN became the fifteenth officer to lead “The First and the Finest”, NMCB-1
…BUCN R.D. Tillery was killed by accidental discharge of a 20mm round while in the Mekong Delta with NMCB-133 Detail Zulu.
…NMCB-128 Main Body began departing Camp Rhodes for CBC Gulfport. The movement was completed on 26 August 1969 utilizing seven C-141 and 1 charter Boeing 707 aircraft.
…NMCB-58 Detail Lima, consisting of 15 men, deployed to Minh Long to perform runway repair at the Special Forces camp.
…At 0130, NMCB-4’s Detail Foxtrot received one enemy B40 rocket round, seven RPG rounds, and scattered small arms fire within their perimeter. No NMCB-4 personnel were injured.

1970…Bridge 13, south of Quang Tri, was destroyed by enemy activity. Army Engineers were tasked with reconstruction work with material and pile-driving being furnished by NMCB 10

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