19 August

1966… NMCB-7’s rock quarry crew was ambushed by an estimated 4 Viet Cong. EO3 L.T. Fry and EOCN B.C. Purington sustained minor wounds.

1967… The NMCB-4 construction project at Hill 55 and the SATS lighting system at An Hoa were completed. The major III MAF Recreation Center in Da Nang received a noticeable face lift and a name change to match the improvements made during the NMCB-4 Da Nang 1967 deployment. Formerly called the Hill 327 Recreation Center, the recreational facilities expanded and took on the name of Freedom Hill Recreation Center.
NMCB-4 took aver a handball court shell from NMCB-10 and installed backboards, sheathed the interior walls, installed the doors puttied and sanded all seams, cracks, indentations, and joints and then painted the entire facility both inside and out.
NMCB-4 completed the Beer Garden installed all equipment and utilities and landscaped the area.
The Battalion took over the Library building shell from NMCB-10 finishing the building to include toilet and storage rooms, shelving, electrical, air-conditioning and finish carpentry.
At the site of the Hobby Shop, NMCB-4 took over one Butler shell and one Butler steel frame from NMCB-10. The buildings were completed to include a total of 23 rooms with plumbing and electrical fixtures.
NMCB-4 took over the Freedom Hill theater project from NMCB-10 after all interior concrete had been placed, the building shell erected, the stage built and the mezzanine for the projection room constructed. NMCB-4 continued work on this facility throughout the 1967 deployment as material arrived. Work performed included completion of the projection room with angle projection slots, ACB interior walls, tile decks, air-conditioners and 35mm cameras with ventilators, construction of the snack bar and exchange area furnishings, construction of the ticket booth and all finished work in the lobby area, installation of stuffed theater seats with aisle lights, construction of the stud wall framing for the acoustic reflector panels, electrical wiring for the house dimmer lights, insulation of the entire building shell, install;lation of the central air-conditioning and duct work, all interior painting, modification to the stage proscenium, remodeling of all doors for air-tightness and light-proofing, construction of a concrete entrance patio, removal and sealing of all building vents, construction of a complete exterior drainage system, landscaping, and construction of a wood frame addition with air-conditioned dressing rooms and shower facilities.
NMCB-4 modified the Amphitheater stage built by NMCB-10 to provide a cantilevered overhang to shelter the entire stage from sun and rain
The Tennis Courts, for which all concrete work had been completed by NMCB-4, were completed by NMCB-4 with the installation of chain link fencing, posts and nets, and the installation of the lighting system.
The Basketball Courts, for which all concrete work was completed by NMCB-10, were completed by NMCB-4 with the installation of chain link fencing each of the two courts, construction and erection of backboards and posts on each court, and complete lighting system.
A twenty lane Bowling Alley was begun and nearly completed by NMCB-4 using four 40’x96’ rigid frame steel buildings. The facility included a kitchen and snack bar, restrooms, ball and shoe storage and handling areas, offices and mechanical equipment space. At the time of turnover to NMCB-9, interior painting had been completed and remaining work awaited the availability on insulation, acoustic lights, and the central air-conditioner. The seats, alleys, pinsetters and collateral equipment were to be installed by a private contractor after the air condition was up and running.
NMCB-4 completed many minor modifications to the USO including an extension for refrigerators and general storage, installation of 26 ceiling fans, installation of sliding room-dividers and minor electrical and plumbing projects.
NMCB-4 designed and constructed an 8000 sq. ft. gymnasium which included a high ceilinged basketball court, a weight lifting room, a sauna bath, shower room, locker rooms and offices.
NMCB-4 installed many major pieces of kitchen equipment in the Cafeteria and constructed an entrance foyer. A 40’x100’ section of the exchange was partitioned into twelve rooms where concessionares were assigned sales areas. Counters and dressing booths were constructed in the main Exchange sales area, and fluorescent lighting was installed.
The entire Freedom Hill parking lot and road system was given a single bituminous surface treatment. A new road and parking lot were constructed to serve the Hobby Shop and Gymnasium, and two “Give the Service Man a Lift” stations were built.
NMCB-4 installed larger generators behind the Exchange building to replace several scattered smaller units to serve the entire recreation complex and thereby reduce maintenance and operating costs. New overhead secondary distribution was run to all the new facilities, and existing distribution routes were altered to avoid interference with new roads and buildings. NSA Utiilities forces coordinated all exterior electrical work in the area.
NMCB-4 connected new facilities into the existing sewer systems with septic tank-leach field disposal. These systems were taxed well beyond their capabilities, and a central sewer and disposal system was on the construction agenda. Although pipe was not yet available for the sewer main, NMCB-4 at deployment’s end had begun excavation and berm construction for the two oxidation ponds.
…Major C.J. Tyson, Military Training and Ordance Officer, 32NCR, and LTCDR F.M. Newcomb, Planning Officer, COMCBPAC, visited NMCB-3’s camp.
…The CBMU-302 Advance Party consisting of LTjg B.B. Emory, CEC, USN, and 50 enlisted men left Port Hueneme via Point Mugu for Cam Ranh Bay aboard C-118 aircraft
…Daytime NVA ambush of Lang Vei construction crew with one NMCB-11 Seabee wounded.

1968… NMCB-53 Advance Party, consisting of 2 officers and 17 enlisted men, returned to NAS Quonset Point on two C-141 aircraft from Da Nang.
…CDR W.L. Wilson and LT J.L. Henley made a Management Inspection at NMCB-7 at Camp Barnes.
…One artillery attack on Cua Viet
…MCB-22 19-man detail departed for Hoi An. The size of the detail fluctuated from a high of 1 officer and 19 enlisted men to 8 men when it returened to Camp Haskins North on 03 January 1969 except for a short period when the military situation dictated that the men be brought back to base camp. While detached at Hoi An, the detail worked on:
1) Hoi An Hospital Rehab
2) Provinvial maintenance Center
3) School for the Blind
4) ROK 2nd Marine Brigade-22 Security towers
5) ROK 2nd Marine Brigade-A/C Units
6) ROK 2nd Marine Brigade-Well Repair

1969… CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, Com32NCR toured NMCB-133 jobsites with the Battalion Commanding Officer.
…Upon returning to CBC Gulfport from Vietnam, NMCB-128 personnel immediately commenced disaster recovery operations in Long Beach, Mississippi.
…An NMCB-53 motor grader hit a mine on the quarry site road near Vinh Dai as a Marine vehicle was picking up the sweep team. Elevan USMS were WIA and MEDEVAC’d, One Seabee was WIA. Major damage to both vehicles.
…At 0410 to 0630, Camp Haines was placed under Condittion Red. Camp haines perimeter security killed one Viet Cong who had penetrated perimeter defenses.
…NMCB-8’s Detail Uniform, consisting of 6 enlisted men, deployed from Camp Haskins South to Hill 41 via convoy to construct a 250 cantonment (less messhall)
…At 0205 Rocket Condition was set. One enemy 122mm rocket impacted on the ballfield just outside the SE corner of the Camp Adenir perimeter. Ten 122mm rockets impacted just outside the western perimeter. Ten 122mm rockets impacted in the MAG-16 area across the road. No NMCB-4 personnel were injured.

1970… CAPT E.H. marsh, Deputy Commander CBPAC, visited NMCB-5 at their base camp at Bien Hoa and Detail Zulu at Saigon.
…NMCB-3 Predeployment visit to Camp Haskins South. The visit lasted through 31 August 1970.
…NMCB-10 Advance Party and Seabee Team 1020, with 2 officers and 24 enlisted personnel arrived at Port Hueneme

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