20 August

1965NMCB-8 changed Homeport from Davisvill to Port Hueneme

1966NMCB-1 completed construction of a 1000-man galley using a design for a modified 1600-man galley for FLSG-A (Bldg #88) at Red Beach (L701 6659 III 948-795). A 6 reinforced concrete slab of 9,176 square feet was placed on an 8 lifft of compacted laterite. The standard 1000-man galley was constructed as designed except that (1) the roof trusses were strengthened with extra members and filler blocks, (2) additional floor drainage was installed and (3) additional ventilation space was provided above the reefer units. Garbage sheds were not included in the design but were constructed under a separate work order.

1967NMCB-11 completed construction of thirty (30) helicopter revetment pads for MAG-16 five days ahead of schedule.
NMCB-11 Memorial service held for EOHCN Jon J. Hayden, USN, of Security Company, who was accidentally killed on 16 August while serving in Security Company.

1968A 20-man detachment from NMCB-22 deployed to Camp Evans to assist NMCB-4s Alpha Company
NMCB-3 Executive Officer departed for a visit to Detail Charlie, Okinawa; returning 26 August.
CDR. W.L. Wilson, Operations Officer, COMCBPAC, LCDR. G.R. Gilmore, Prospective Plans/Training Officer, COMCBPAC, and Lt. J.L. Henley, Administration Officer, COMCBPAC, arrived at Camp Haines for the annual NMCB-4 Operations and Administration Inspection.

1969An NMCB-53 rock dump hit a 22 pound plastic mine placed at the edge of the paved roadway on QL-9 near Vinh Dai. Two similar mines were found and blown in place. One minor personnel casualty and major damage to the rock dump.
MAJ B.E. Townsend, USMC, Military Training Officer, CBLANT, was onboard Camp Haskins North for a visit.
At 0055, five rounds of small arms sniper fire were directed against the security watch at the IRD Building construction site. The were no NMCB-4 injuries.

1970VADM J.H. King, COMNAVFORV visited NMCB-5s Detail Hotel at Long Phu.
CAPT E.H. Marsh, Deputy Commander CBPAC, visited NMCB-5s Detail Charlie at Cho Moi, Detail Xray at Phuoc Xuyen, Detail Foxtrot at Kien An, and Seabee Team 0517 at Ben Tre.
Capt. K.P. Sears, CEC, USN, COM32NCR, visited NMCB-10 and toured various project sites.

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