26 August

1965 The NMCB-8 Advance Party, consisting of 1 officer and 69 enlisted men, arrived at Da Nang.

1967NMCB-58 began construction of a new chapel for 1st MAW (L7014, 6641 III; AT993757). The concrete slab had been placed by NMCB-74 however, prior to continuing the project, NMCB-58 turned the job over to NMCB-53.
CAPT J.M. Hill relieved CDR Foley, COMNMCB3 as Com32NCR.
Two NMCB-1 personnel were injured by enemy sniper fire on Route One-One NMCB-1 man was injured by a VC artillery round at Dong Ha
One daytime rocket attack at Cua Viet

1968A dump truck operated by Seabee Team 0102 struck a road mine in Vinh Binh Province and sustained minor damage. No Seabee casualties.
NMCB-62 personnel manned the perimeter defensive lines under Defensive Condition II.

One artillery attack at both Dong Ha and An Hoa. In the Dong Ha attack eleven pieces of CBMU-301 equipment were damaged.
Dong Ha Combat base received 55 rounds of incoming 130mm artillery from the Northwest at 1717. NMCB-7 set Condition Blue with 30 rounds landing in the Camp Barnes area. A Potable Water Tank sustained a direct hit. Six power and communication lines were severed by shrapnel. Condition Blue was secured at 2030. Two NMCB-7 Seabees were killed during the attack
CMH3 Richard M. Sprout NMCB-7 Dong Ha
CMHCN Richard L. Davis NMCB-7 Dong Ha

1969 LCDR G.R. Gilmore, CEC, USN; MAJ L.Urban, USMC, CBPAC Staff: and MAJ B. Townsend, USMC, CBLANT Staff, visited NMCB-133 at Camp Wilkinson for a Plans and Military Readiness Inspection.
NMCB-53 Detail Baldy, consisting of 18 enlisted men, departed for LZ Baldy.
NMCB-5 Advance Party consisting of 1 Officer and 19 Enlisted men departed for Port Hueneme on a C-118 aircraft.
Quang Tri Combat Base came under 122mm rocket attack at approximately 2200. Four rounds fell within Camp Rhodes, one partially destroying the NMCB-74 B Company Shop. A second round landed in deep mud approximately 50 feet behind the movie area where 250 men were viewing slides of destruction caused by Hurricane Camille. No injuries resulted from this attack.

1970 Author Richard Tregaskis visited NMCB-10 at Camp Wilkinson, Quang Tri Bridge, and Thuan An Navy Base to gather historical background in writing the history of Military Construction in Southeast Asia.
A Vietnamese child was struck and killed by a motor grader operated by a Seabee Team 1018 member in Binh Tuy Province.


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