28 August

1963…The first aircraft, an L-19, landed at Bon Sar Pa Airstrip, constructed by Team 0301.

1967…Following an enemy rocket attack on the Marble Mountain air facility, members of the NMCB-7, based at Camp Adenir, assisted in fighting fires and repairing damaged sections of the steel-matting runway
…Blair W. Starkey CN NMCB-1 was killed by enemy sniper fire while working at the Hai Van Pass
…NMCB-10’s Detail India departed Gia Le for Phu Bai to construct cantonment projects for MAG-16. The Detail was dis-established on 02 November due to the need for its personnel in higher priority work near the DMZ
… The COMCBPAC Annual Supply Inspection of NMCB-11 commenced. A subsequent adjacetive rating of “Excellent” was assigned by COMSERVPAC.
…Major repairs to the Khe Sanh runway was undertaken by CBMU-301 Detail Bravo during the period of 28 August to 02 December 1967. Repais to the 1500 feet of runway consisted of the removal of all runway matting, sub-grade shaping, laying of an eight inch rock bed with an asphalt seal, drainage improvement and replacement of matting. Augment equipment and personnel were provided by Public Works, NSA Da Nang and CBMU-301’s main body located at Dong Ha. The augment equipment and personnel from NSA were transported from Da Nang to Dong Ha and then airlifted to Khe Sanh utilizing Marine CH-53 and Army CH-54 helicopters. On 02 September, a rock crushing operation was placed in operation. From the period of 06 to 09 September, repair materials were staged. C-130 aircraft delivered 3,000 pieces of AM-2 matting via LAPES drops and over 1000 barrels of asphalt via conventional high altitude drops. Actual repair work commenced on the 10th of September. Despite setbacks caused by inclement weather conditions and the crash of a USAF C-130 aircraft in October, which destroyed approximately 250 barrels of asphat and damaged the sub-grade, detail personnel were able to complete repairs in a timely manner. By 24 October 1967, the laying of the matting on the original 1500 foot section was completed. The original scope of the project called for rehabilitation of only 1500 feet of airfield, but later was increased to 2900 feet. The project was completed on 02 December 1967.
…Three daytime rocket attacks on Dong Ha. Over 200 rounds during the day. Daytime rocket attack on Cua Viet.
…Four NMCB-11 Seabees were Killed in Action during an enemy rocket attack on Camp Barnes. The Seabees who lost their lives were: BURCN Anthony J. Grasso, USNR, BUHCA Richard J. Wagner, USNR, BUR2 Jerry L. Newman, USNR, and BURCN Jerome D. Patterson, USNR.

1968…NMCB-1’s Phu Loc crusher was converted to produce asphalt aggregate.
…A rocket/mortar attack occurred in the Red Beach area of Da Nang. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from 1945 to 2100. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins South.
…NMCB-1 Detail Charlie, consisting of 1 officer and 50 men with associated equipment, deployed via Marine aircraft and one LCU to Landing Zone Sharon, near Quang Tri in support of the Minimum Essential Requirements (MER) construction program in the NICTZ (Northern I Corps Tactical Zone)
…One rocket attack on An Hoa
…MGEN Forsythe, Commanding General, 1st Air Cavalry Division, arrived at Camp Haines for a briefing on NMCB-4 construction efforts in the Camp Haines area.

1969…At 0014 two rounds of friendly 155mm artillery impacted in Camp Barnes between the precast yard and concrete batch plant. No injuries or damages were sustained in Camp Barnes which remained in Condition Blue until 0046.
…NMCB-53’s Vinh Dai paving crew was involved in a firefight on QL-9 when they came to the aid of NMCB-62’s paving crew which had come under small arms and RPG fire. No Casualties.
…Adm Moorer, Vadm Zumwalt, Capt Ravch and party visited the site of CBMU-302 Team 30216 and inspected the dependant shelter project
…Radm. J.G. Dillon COM3NCB, visited Camp Rhodes and toured NMCB-74 jobsites

1970…An NMCB-62 motor grader detonated a 40 pound mine on Route LTL-4 resulting in major equipment damage and one Seabee MEDEVACED.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Xray completed ATSB construction at Phuoc Xuyen and moved off site.
…At 1930, two (2) 122mm roucket rounds and at 2200 ten (10) 122mm rocket rounds impacted in Camp Eagle Combat Base. No NMCB-10 casualties.

1971…T he Seabee Team 6206 compound at Ham Tan City, Binh Tuy Province was hit bu one mortar round at 0320, causing minor damage to team quarters. No casualties.
…CBMU-302 completed the MACV Annex construction including modifications to administrative spaces, construction of a vault for disbursing office and construction of urinalysis collection point was completed
…RADM W.M. Enger, CEC, USN, Commander, NAVFACENGCOM, and Chief of Civil Engineers, visited NMCB-5 Detail Xray and Clydesdale in the Philippines, Detail Stallion in Bien Hoa, and Corral at Guam.

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