Fix Bayonets!

Right you lazy louts, get yer kit back on and polish yer bayonets. We're goin over the top again tonight at 20 hundred hours. The truce is over.

And about time too. All this soppy bonhomie is enough to rot the soul; all this harking back to a golden era in the '70s when we still had hair and some of our own teeth and could still (just about) make a racket in the bedroom is just an excuse to lie on the sofa and not know stuff....and the expense of it all.....guts of a tenner each and what did we get for it? - a feckin mug if you were lucky!

So look lively and prepare to get blood on yer boots. The past is the past. We march with the century again. All except them conschies in the Shrimp and Historymen camps who are malingering in the sick tent. Trench foot my erse!

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