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Re(6): Nouvelle musique de Françoise!

Hey there, Mr. Nule. I hope this little rant finds you well and good. By the way, the pic shown is Mount Washington, the highest peak in northeastern America, at 6,288 above sea level. This peak can see snow as late as June, as well as temperatures of below feeezing in late summer. Standing on the peak is a remarkable feeling... when it's warm. There is a public auto road going to the summit all year round, except for winter.

To answer your question, I have had a difficult time of winter, to say the least. Until recently, we endured nearly three weeks of clouds and gray skies, which each year, endeavor to mess me all up inside. My depressive bouts get a bit out of control in the winter months, so I tend to sort of "clam up" and vegetate for the entire season. This winter hurt; it seemed eternal. Even now with spring on the way, we get one day of sunshine, and then five straight days of clouds, rain, and generally dismal weather. It does a real number on me... I believe our break from the bad weather is soon to come, and I am needing and looking forward to it.

But let's not hear about me...

Otherwise, things are well, and I have much to be grateful for. Our grandson just turned 1 year old in March, and my son and his wife are having their first child in "The Days of May."

I hope you are well, my friend. I miss the UK terribly. My pally Roy and I are considering another trip... we'll see... if we were to return, would you have any opposition to us coming by for a bit of tea and conversation? I loved the village and the quay, and you were so kind to invite us. I really enjoyed meeting you, Charlene, and your playing some of the "Summer Tamarind" rough tracks, as well as our little singalong back in 2007. That meant a lot, and I still refer to it as "the highlight of my nine-day stay."

Best to You, Jim Hollis
(Where the gray matters)


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See you again soon
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