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Re(2): Cure for winter

Drag racing has changed in several respects over the years. Technology has made these cars remarkably fast and powerful... and far safer. I watched a AA Top Fueler do 334 mph two years ago, in less than 3-1/2 seconds. As much as 12,000 hp is coming out of these monsters today. In the sixties, a "funny car" averaged about 150-160mph. Today? About 300...

The sound is like nothing your ears have ever witnessed. Today, you MUST wear ear protection. I took mine off long enough to hear one solo run, and I kid you not, my stomach felt as though it were rumbling and my vision went all twisted, as if my eyes were being wring out like a wet rag. I was so consumed that I actually shed tears; it was the first drag race I had seen since 1977. I am NOT a fan of NASCAR, nor many of its patrons, but drag racing has always left me speechless. It is intriguing to me that an engine can produce such power, yet endure such stress. (sometimes they can't!) It's really quite a science.

Thanks for the piccy... Mine is of champion driver Steve Torrance in the Capco fueler. This one has seen many wins, and I was impressed with this driver.


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