Chief, hate to bust your bubble, but the Seabee's are in the Navy.

And I quote: United States Naval Construction Battalions, better known as the Seabees, form the Naval Construction Force (NCF) of the United States Navy. Their nickname is a heterograph of the first initials "C.B." from the words Construction Battalion, but I do understand where you are coming from.
Hi GD....There are those we convince of the difference and those we entertain with the
difference and then the evidence exposes our joshing and goshing about who we really are!
There's and old story told about the beginning...General Douglas MacArthur was speaking to
President FDR about the manning requirements needed thru out the military organizations and
General Mac mentioned the recently named Sea bees...the dire need for those forces in the Pacific
as the Army engineers pretty much afforded the European A/O...."Mr. President, the Seabees
are a bunch of rag-tag construction workers recruited into the naval service from all over
our country....big rig drivers, earth movers, bridge builders....hell Sir, many of them are still
around who built the Empire State Building....they are a bunch of the most non-military men you will find
on either sides of the lines....I need 85 thousand of the magnificant bastards"! Chief

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