31 May

1967…NMCB-58 completed construction of two 20’ x 100’ barracks for Base Development Red Beach, Da Nang. The project was begun on 14 February 1967.
…Seabee Team 09-10 Deployed at Ban Khok, Thailand from May 1967 to November 1967

1968…CDT C.J. Mathews, CEC, USN, relieved CDR W.W. DeGroot, CEC, USN, as Commanding Officer NMCB-58 at a change of command ceremony held at the 2nd ROK Marine Brigade drill field, Hoi An.
…CDR W.W. DeGroot III, was presented the Republic of Korea “Order of Military Merit” by LTGEN Chae Myung Shin, Commander, Republic of Korea Armed Forces, Vietnam.
…NMCB-40’s Advance Party, consisting of 1 officer and 27 enlisted men departed RVN aboard a C-141 aircraft for return to CBC Davisville.

1969…MGEN Bradley, USA, Director of Construction, MACV Staff, came aboard camp Hoover and toured the Cam Lo River Bridge project and precast yard.
…LCDR G.R. Matthews, CEC, USN, and MAJ L.J. Urban, USMC, were on board Camp Hoover for a management inspection visite for Military Readiness, Ordance, and Communications.
…The “Tokyo Kittens” performed at Camp Adenir, Da Nang. The show was enjoyed by all hands of NMCB-4

1970… There were a total of 3,783 Seabees (137 officers and 3,646 enlisted) in country as of 31 May. Seabees received a total of 4 Bronze Stars, 20 Navy Commendation Medals, 33 Navy Achievement Medals, 442 Combat Action Ribbons, and nine Purple Hearts during May.
…NMCB-121 Detail Water Witch Echo, consisting of 7 men, deployed to Can Ranh Bay.
…Naval Construction Forces had a total projected backlog in I Corps amounting to 20 weeks of horizontal work and 10 weeks of vertical work. In III and IV Corps, the projected backlog for present Seabee assets was 60 weeks of vertical work with adequate horizontal support for the vertical effort.

1971… On 31 May at the Bien Hoa Seabee Center, Cdr. Robert J. McHugh Jr. CEC, USN, relieved CDR R. A. Schrade Jr. CEC, USN, as commanding Officer of NMCB-5.
… By the end of the month MCB-5, Detail Bronco, 71 men, at the Ta Kou radar installtion, had completed 96% of the temporary camp there and 75% of the upgrading of Rt. 341 leading to the site. There were only two mining incidents reported during the month on Rt. 341 which resulted in some damage but no casualties. MCB-5 Detail Maverick, at the Mui Dinh ACTOVRAD site, completed 57% of the roadwork there during the month. No hostile incidents were reported, however, there was concern during the month as to the logistics support of the remote site, located 15 kilometers south of Phan Rang. The unit was supplied with repair parts, mail, and food by means of Phan Rang Sector helos on available basis. Bulk cargo arrived by LST or YFU which took five days from Saigon. At landlocked Ta Kou, 15 miles southwest of Phan Thiet, all supplies came by truck convoy, slow but adequate support except during the monsoon season rains when the roads were sometimes impassable. The assistance of USN helos that operated from Tan Son Nnut to resupply USN and VNN units if III and IV Corps was considered.

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