Donnie and I met around Christmas time,
1951 at Port Hueneme...We'd both been
assigned there to attend the Class A schools beginning in January...Until our
schools began we worked the General Details aboard the base...anything from
raking eucuplytus tree leaves to buffing the waxed decks at sickbay..
In June we sailed off to the Phillipines with NMCB#2 ....I worked in the refrigeration shop and Donnie of course drove heavy equipment..He'd come to visit often to get ice for their water cans....Much later in our service
tours we'd serve at Davisville, RI in the late 50', I at the UT service school and Donnie with the Disaster
Recovery Training...As usual with military service we lost track of each other. I'd heard about Donnie getting
killed in Vietnam and early 1968 when I went to Vietnam with MCB#5, our Camp Barnes at Dong Ha was named in honor of
my buddy...Made for some unusual and
sad memories...BTW, Donnie used to call me 'Dumb Farmer' and with the expletive deleted here I called him '****Bell Ringer', his having been from Phillie and the Freedom Bell! JW

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