08 June

1965 Chief Carl Harris glances out of his tent, which serves as a field office, to where tanned Seabees working bareback, are building footings for a warehouse. Then he glances at the sky, gloomily noting signs of rain.
As a construction supervisor in NMCB-3, Harris is concerned about both the construction project and the threatening rain.
NMCB-3 Seabees are finishing a home camp (Camp Hoover) in preparation for many construction projects in South Vietnam.
Their job was not glamorous, but it was important. It included engineering and construction support for the Third Marine Amphibious Force, such as grading and paving roads, building a living cantonment for the Marines, constructing a 1000-bed hospital, wharf facilities, and the 100-and-one jobs for which Seabees had become famous.
With monsoon season at hand, the weather became a major factor when scheduling work. Even the resourceful Seabees found it difficult to prevent heavy rain from washing away newly poured concrete.
Situated in a former tobacco field, the new Seabee camp offed a striking contrast to the surrounding countryside. The roar, clang and bang of heavy construction equipmentpuncuated the waning serenity of the area, where nearby farmers plowed rice paddies using water buffalo.
It was all part of the changing scene in Vietnam. (All Hands Magazine Sept 1966)

1967 An NMCB-72 Detail of 1 officer and 19 enlisted men, deployed to Vung Tau, to provide construction support USN HA(L)3.
NMCB-3 established Detail Storm India, consisting of 18 men assigned to upgrade Col Co Road between Hue and Tan My.

1968 NMCB-133 asphalt plant became operational. One ton of asphalt was produced.
32NCR BEEP Team consisting of CMC C. Millison; EOC E.L. McGraw; and SK1 W. Hynds arrived at Camp Shields.
A 155mm round was used as a command detonated mine on Col Co Road resulting in minor injuries to an NMCB-8 driver and a wheel blown off the end dump he was driving.

1969 NMCB-58 acquired from NMCB-74 a project to construct hardstands, compacted disposal areas, and a service building with materials provided by NSAD Chu Lai, to serves as a Property Disposal Yard for the Americal Division. The project had been halted due to relocation. When NMCB-58 acquired the project, a new site had been chosen and work was resumed on 08 June 1969. The original scope of work was completed on 18 July 1969. The project scope was then increased to include a perimeter fence supplied by the owner. The project was turned over to NMCB-7 (74% complete). At the time of turn-over the fence matrial had not yet arrived.
CDR F.H. Lewis, Jr., CEC, USN, Commanding Officer, NMCB-133 relieved CDR Jack Moger, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-121 of the command of Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le Combat Base.
NMCB-58 set Condition Yellow at Camp Shields at 0549 when approximately five rockets impacted in the Rosemary Point area.
The Binh Son MACV Compound was probed by sappers with satchel charges under supporting mortar fire at 0145. NMCB-58 Detail Foxtrot supported the repulsion of the enemy assault. There were no NMCB-58 casualties.
NMCB-58 formation and awards ceremony was held. CDR C.J. Mathews, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-58 awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal to LCDR R.E. Steidle, SC, USN.

1970CAPT C.F. Krickenberger, COMCBLANT, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Hoover during a tour of Atlantic Fleet Battalions in Vietnam.
NMCB-5s Detail Foxtrot, located at Kien An, received 3 rounds of 105mm homemade rockets. 2 rounds exploded outside the camp perimeter and one dud landed inside the camp perimeter. No casualties resulted

1971 CAPT Donald W. Wittschiebe, COM30NCR, was the honored guest at the blocklaying ceremony which symbolized the beginning of vertical construction on the Guam Seabee Camp

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