12 July

1966…NMCB-4 Advance Party departed for CONUS

1967… One nighttime artillery attack at Dong Ha
…Detail BRAVO (CBMU-301), consisting of 35 men, deployed to Khe Sanh. Detail BRAVO was located at Khe Sanh and also had a primary mission of maintenance of the airfield there. Their secondary mission was was the maintenance and support of Marine Corps and Naval shore units at that base. Detail BRAVO OIC was ENS M.J. Kux…Note: CBMU-301 Detail Bravo withstood the entire 77 day siege standing shoulder to shoulder with the 26th Marines—Can Do!!!

1968…NMCB-58 began development of a well for A and B Companies, 15th T C Battalion and redevelopment of a well for 58th Transportation Battalion Headquarters at Red Beach, Da Nang (L7014, 6641 III; AT952808). Jetted three wells and water was found to be contaminated. It was recommended the deep wells be developed to obtain usable water. The project was turned over to NMCB-22 on 13 August 1968 at 40% completion.
…NMCB-3’s Commanding Officer, CDR C.R. Whipple, CEC, USN, relieved NMCB-128’s Commanding Officer, CDR D.W. Wittschiebe, CEC, USN at Camp Faulkner, East Da Nang.
…NMCB-128 Main Body began departing Camp Faulkner for CBC Gulfport. The movement was completed by 21 July 1968 via seven C-141 and 1 charter Boeing 707 aircraft.
…The Commanding Officer, Logistics Officer, and 2 Enlisted men from NMCB-7 arrived at Camp Barnes, Dong Ha,
…NMCB-3’s Commanding Officer, CDE C>R> Whipple, CEC, USN, relieved NMCB-128’s Connamding Officer, CDR D.W. Wittschiebe, CEC, USN, at Camp Faulkrner, Da Nang
…The NMCB-3 Main Body began arriving at Camp Faulkner, Da Nang via government aircraft. The arrivals continued through 20 July 1968.
…Camp Faulkner (BT 07-73)(just south-east of Camp Adenir) was one of the last fully-manned camps on Route 13C going south before reaching Marble Mountain. The Camp was bordered on the north by NSA Hospital, directly across the road by the NSA lumber supply yard, and on the south side by a junk yard guarded by six US Army soldiers at night. To the west was the Son Bon River and open country. On the west side an ARVN platoon sized OP was established and later taken over by B Company MPs. The Camp had ten perimeter bunkers and the rocket/mortar watch was provided by one bunker. NSA Hospital and MAG 16 at Marble Mountain Air facility were frequent mortar and rocket targets and caused all the other camps in the area to take the mortar siren seriously because of the chance of short or misamined incoming rounds. The 5th Special Forces Force Operating Base Four (FOB4), about a quarter mile from Camp Faulkner, had a special appeal to the enemy; in August 1968, in fact, this Camp was overrun during the night. The likely avenue of approach towards MAG 16 was through the Camp Faulkner area; this potential threat dictated the need for quick, smooth manning of NMCB-3’s perimeter at Camp Faulkner after any mortar or rocketattack. FOB-4’s wire and mine fields were breached before, during, and after a mortar attack. The Marine patrols in the area called on Camp Faulkner to provide illumination to the south and west of camp, reinforcing the requirement for homeport training of accurate, fast mortar crews.
…NMCB-3 Detail Charlie, consisting of 2 officers and 98 enlisted men, arrived at Camp Kinser, Okinawa via government aircraft. The arrivals continued through 21 July 1968. Detail Charlie’s mission was to construct berthing and messing facilities.
…One artillery attack on LZ Stud (Vandegrift Combat Base)
…The NMCB-4 pipeline crew dug up an enemy planted mine with a ditcher at YD 582309 along Route 1. The mine did not explode

1969…NMCB-58 began installation of permanent Runway, taxiway, threshold, approach, and distance marker lights on the Chu Lai West Runway. The project was turned over to NMCB-7 on 10 October 1969 with the job 50 percent complete with runway circuits and two of four taxiway circuits complete. The project had been plagued by delays to to lack of proper materials.
…NMCB-8 completed the rebuilding of the Freedom Hill Exchange Complex damaged by the ASP-1 explosions of 27 April 1969.
…A show and party was held at the Freedom Hill Recreation Center in Da Nang for the men who worked on the reconstruction of the Center. NMCB-4 construction crews enjoyed the afternoon activities

1970…An NMCB-62 Detail Buford 5 cubic yard front end loader accidentally ran over and killed a Vietnamese child in the vicinity of Hill 55.
…NMCB-62 Detail Laramie rejoined the Battalion at Camp Hoover after providing construction support for two ROK marine cantonments

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