23 July

1966…At 2100 hours, NMCB-11, along with other commands in the Marble Mountain complex, came under heavy Viet Cong 81mm mortar attack. Camp Adenir received 20 rounds resulting in the wounding of 5 personnel. All were awarded the Purple Heart.
…During the evening, the area surrounding NMCB-6 at Camp Faulkner came under VC mortar attack from 3 positions approximately 1500 yards from the Camp’s western perimeter. The attackers were taken under machine gun fire by the men positioned at NMCB’6’s bunker number 8.
…Five Seabees were injured during a mortar attack on Camp Adenir and surrounding commands in the Marble Mountain Military Complex. Purple Hearts were later awarded to the following individuals: CN Lery Miller; EOH2 Gary Sylte; SW3 Fred Copson; BUH3 Charles Long; and CN Tom Burkart.

1967… Seabees from NMCBs 4,7,74, and 133 worked side by side to complete emergency repairs at the DaNang air base following a 15 July rocket attack. The work included clearing debris from the runways and parking aprons, restoring electrical power, and making temporary repairs to berthing huts and galleys.
…NMCB-4 mounted out 378 measurement tons of construction materials by LST to Qui Nhon.
…LT N.T. Thurmond and LT F.M. Oxley, from 31NCR, visited NMCB-1 at Camp Haskins to conduct a Transportation Administrative Inspection

1968…An NMCB-11 work crew were involved in a mining incident on Route 1. One Seabee received minor injuries
…NMCB-133 completed Project Denial.
…NMCB-62 Detail Tango, after completing the work at Hoi An, rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins South to overhaul and modify camp equipment.
…NMCB-62 held an awards ceremony. CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, COM30NCR presented the awards.

1969…RADM J.G. Dillon, COM3NCB and CAPT A.W. Walton, COM32NCR visited NMCB-128 at Camp Rhodes.
…RADM J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB and CAPT A.W. Walton, Jr., CEC, USN, COM32NCR, came aboard Camp Barnes to tour the NMCB-62 MLO Yard and QL-9 upgrading.
…One NMCB-1 Seabee detached for Army combat support was Medevaced from Fire Base davis Hill due to injuries sustained from a satchel charge explosion during an enemy attack

1971…Seabees from NMCB-5 was involved in an incident with a Vietnamese enlisted man at An Thoi Village. The Vietnamese threw bricks at the Seabee, cutting his lip. The Seabee then drew his knife whereupon various Vietnamese military spectators locked and loaded their weapons. A VNN officer and some local villagers broke up the altercation and as a result, the Seabees were restricted to the base until tempers cooled

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