01 August

1966…The NMCB-9 main Body, consisting of 646 personnel deployed to Da Nang on 7 C-141 military aircraft from Point Mugu.
…NMCB-6 deployed 25 Enlisted men to Hoi An (117576) to construct a cantonment for 1/1 Marines. The Detail returned to Camp Faulkner on 01 November 1966.
…NMCB-1’s Civic Action Program was varied throughout the deployment:
a) Approximately eighty truck loads of wood scrap material and dunnage were given to neighboring hamlets, an ARVN Ranger Camp, and several refugee villages. This material was used by the people for firewood and for improving their houses and small shops.
b) Concrete and construction assiatance were provided to the inadequately maintained ARVN Ranger Camp located just south of the NMCB-1 camp. Seabees volunteered on their own time to instruct the Rangers in construction skills
c) Material and labor were provided to rebuild two (2) bridges which had collapsed on a Vietnamese road leading to the Ranger camp and the neighboring hamlet of Bach Ninh.
d) Material and labor were provided to the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment for construction of an Orthopedic Hospital for care of Vietnamese children. From a 16’ x 32’ strongback tent existing when NMCB-1 arrived at Red Beach, this deserving facility grew into a 1200 square foot frame structure with running water and a 16’ x 32’ outside shed to shade the childrens’ play and rest area. Water was furnished to the hospital storage tank throughout the deployment.
e) Lumber and corrugated sheet metal were provided to the Refugee Village to rebild two (2) houses which had burned. Another houise which had burned was rebuilt by Seabees on their own time.
f) Material and manpower were provided to build a school in the hamlet of Bach Ninh. In a nearby “New Life” Refugee Village, a road was constructed connecting a new schoolhouse with the village and the main highway
g) Supplies and clothes, soap, toothbrushes, etc. were distributed both by civic action teams and by private Seabee groups.
h) NMCB-1 employed fifty-one Vietnamese laborers to work with Battalion personnel on construction projects. The Vietnamese were integrated into the construction crews and were found to be best employed on repetitive types of work. Every effort was made to instruct the workers in use of tools and equipment which would be of lasting benefit to them.
i) Two $500 checks for school construction were donated to local school districts fro NMCB-1 Chapel funds

1967…CAPT R.C. Engram, CEC, USN, COM20NCR, CBC Gulfport, visited NMCB-74 at Camp Haskins South, Da Nang.
…NMCB-3’s Detail Storm Tango, consisting of 14 men was assigned to repair road and install culverts on Route 1 North between Hue and Camp Evans.
…CDR R.L. Foley, Commanding Officer, NMCB-3, assumed command of the 32nd NCR at commissioning ceremonies of the Regiment.
…An NMCB-1 vehicle was hit by claymore type mine on Route One; two men were wounded in action
…LCDR R.S. Stedman Jr., CEC, USN was relieved as NMCB-1’s Executive Officer by LCDR W.F. Glover, CEC, USN.
…NMCB-1 detached one officer and 41 men to Co Bi Thanh Tan combat base (Camp Evans) to construct a cantonment for the 3rd Marine Division until 01 November 1967
…On 1 August a second Naval Construction Regiment-32nd NCR- was established, with headquarters at Phu Bai. Commanded by Commander Richard L. Foley, CEC, USN, COMNMCB3, until the arrival, on the 26th. of Captain James M. Hill, CEC, USN. The 32nd NCR’s area of responsibility extended ao all Seabees operating north of the Hai van Pass. The headquarters of the 30th NCR, meanwhile, remained at Camp Haskins, north of Da Nang, and the regiment’s area of responsibility was revised to include Seabee units operating south of the Pass.
…In another administrative move that occurred during the month, the headquarters of Commander Third NCB was shifted from Saigon to Da Nang on 1 August. A representative remained in Saigon for liaison purposes.
…CBMU-301 sent a 16 man detail to Cua Viet

1968…NMCB1 began construction of a helicopter facility for the Army’s 478th Aviation Company and despite losing 6 days to impossible working conditions and enemy harassment, the project was completed within the 30 day time limit. As usual, the Can Do spirit prevailed.
…Radm.Bartlett, Gen. Olson, Capt. Andress, Capt. Hill, Cdr. Sweeny, Cdr. Lawson, and Cdr. Burdick visited NMCB-11.

1969…The Seabee Team 0513 compound near Ben Tre, Kien Hoa Province, came under attack by an estimated squad of Viet Cong, receiving two B-40 rockets and light small arms fire. No casualties or damage.
…NMCB-128 Advance Party departed Camp Rhodes for CBC Gulfport.
…NMCB-74 Advance Party arrived at Camp Rhodes with 96 men under the leadership of LCDR Jerry Jackson, CEC, USN, NMCB-74 Operations Officer.
…NMCB-74 Advance Party of 4 officers and 105 enlisted men arrived at Camp Rhodes, Quang Tri.
…NMCB-1’s Detail Foxtrot, consisting of an OIC and 23 enlisted men departed for Camp Evans to reconstruct Bridge 15-A

1971…RADM S.R. Smith, COMCBPAC, visited CBMU-302 and NMCB-5 at Detail Stallion at Bien Hoa.

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