04 August

1964…USS Turner Joy (DD 951) and USS Maddox (DD 731) report being attacked by North Vietnamese PT boats in Gulf of Tonkin leading to the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” and the introduction of combat troops to South Vietnam
1966… On 4 August the total in-country battalions was raised to eight when MCB-9 returned to Vietnam for it’s second tour and set up camp at Red Beach.

1967…NMCB-7 wins the Danang area softball championship with a score of 10 to 0 over a team from NSA Supply/Inventory. The championship trophy was presented by Radm. Paul L. Lacy, Commander of NSA Danang
…… The NMCB-4 basketball team won its event while representing U,S. Forces in the Da Nang Department of Youth Athlete Meet commemorating the tenth anniversary of the forming of the I Corps.
…The NMCB-7 softball team won the 1967 Da Nang Inter-League Sofball Championship after taking their League Championship and going undeafeated through four the league, double elimination tournament. RADM P.L. Lacy, Commander, NSA Da Nang, presented the team trophy, individual trophies, and awards to three players named to the All-Star Team.
…Soon after arriving “In-Country”, the Battalion formed a softball team. The determination, sportsmanship, and teamwork they displayed were inspirational. They chat=rged through 15 straight wins, their league championship, and the inter-league softball championship of Da Nang. It was a proud moment when the team was presented the championship trophies by Radm. Paul Lacy, Copmmander, Naval Support Activity, Da Nang.
The championship game got underway on Friday, August 4th, when MCB-7 took the field and Radm Lacy threw the game softball to MCB-7’s pitcher, Gregory Pickrel. Pickrel then asked Radm Lacy if he would autograph the ball as a momento of the game.
Right from the start, the MCB-7 Seabees played “heads-up” softball and showed an air of confidence that they were going to win. Their opponent, however, was not a pushover, and by the top of the fourth inning they had held the Seabees to two runs.
In the bottom of the fifth inning, the Seabees unleashed a furious hitting attack that could not be stopped. Everyone on the team was hitting and by the time they were retired, the scoreboard showed the Seabees had tallied seven runs. One more run in the bottom of the sixth inning and MCB-7 took the championship 10 to 0.
After winning the championship, each man was presented an individual trophy by Rear Adm. Lacy and the team received a large championship trophy. Later each man on SEVEN’s softball team autographed the game ball and presented it to Commander Lawson which he proudly displayed along with the trophy and team picture in his office at Camp Adenir
…NMCB-121 arrival conference held with: CAPT A.R. Marschall. COM30NCR; CAPT C.C. Heid, Chief of Staff, 30NCR; CDR J.W. Tombarge, Operations Officer 30NCR; LCDR F.H. Lewis, Jr., Assistamt Operations Officer, 30NCR; LCDR R.A. Jones, Supply Officer, 30NCR; and CDR R.L. Foley, CO NMCB-3 and Acting COM32NCR

1968…Seabee Team 0310 deployed to Long Xuyen and Bac Leiu. Seabee Team 0311 deployed to Can Tho via government aircraft.
…A six man detachment from CBMU-301 was deployed to Vung Ru to construct quarters and administrative spaces for ISB
……NMCB-4 had crews working around the clock on the Camp Evans runway and ASP with the goal of having both completely soil cemented to prevent erosion during the rapidly approaching heavy winter rains. Personnel were taken out of offices and off other jobs and given the task of placing, breaking and spreading cement bags. Seabees of all rates worked hand-in-hand in the heat and dust, rain, and mud to beat the weather clock.
…NMCB-62’s CM2 Francis M. Risley was wounded under the right eye by shrapnel from a rocket propelled grenade while driving a weapons carrier as a member of Detail tango, near Phuoc Ninh.
…A rocket/mortar attack occurred in the Red Beach area. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from 0255 to 0355. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins South.
…During the first week in August, NMCB-4 was tasked to construct a new Ammunition Storage Point at Camp Evans. Again, working 24 hour-per-day, crews literally moved mopuntains into valleys to provide a safe place to store ammunition. To permit access during the monsoon season, all roads and storage pads were soil cemented. One of the largest tasks assigned to NMCB-4’s Alpha Company was the construction of the Ammunition Storage Point (ASP) Complex at Camp Evans. Included were three storage modules of five 50’x50’ pads each, one sling-out pad containing four 50’x50’ pads, one 100’x150’ truck convoy staging area, one segregation pad and an interconnecting road system. Added later were an access road to QL-1 and a back access road to module #1.
All the pads, roads, and truck staging areas had to be soil cemented. The 15 pads in the ASP modules and the 4 pads in the sling-out area were also matted with M8A1 stell matting. AS with the Camp Evans runway, work often proceeded around the clock and personnel from Headquarters Company helped out by placing and breaking cement bags.
With the exception of the access road to QL-1 which was added late in NMCB-4’s deployment, the Battalion completed 86 percent of the complex befoe the rains halted construction. Approximately 212,000 cubic yards of fill were excavated and placed before the remaining work was turned over to NMCB-10

1969…CAPT A.W. Walton, COM32NCR and CAPT J.E. Washburn, prospective COM32NCR, visited NMCB-128 at Camp Rhodes.
…NMCB-1’s Civic Action efforts in the Phu Bai area was under the supervision of COM32NCR and 101st Airborne G-5. NMCB-1 was assigned primary responsibility for Phu Loc District in Thua Tien Province. In addition the Battalion was tasked with finishing a job started by NMCB-40 in Huong Tra District, with providing material for a bridge and upgrading a secondary road in Phu Vang District, and with the erection of a flag pole in the Hue City Stadium. Careful coordination was established and maintained with the Senior District Advisor in each area. The Civic Action Team consisted of the Battalion Chaplain, an SW1, one E02, two BU2s, two BU3’s, and one SN. Six of the seven team members attended language school prior to deployment. Pre-deployment training was also provided by Seabee Team training at CBC Davisville. The Chaplain’s yeoman assisted in preparing reports and handling in-camp requests.
At Hue Stadium a flag pole duplicating an already existing flag pole in preparation for a joint US-VN athletic contest. The flag pole with a nine cubic foot concrete base was completed in 2 ˝ days.
At Loc An a foot bridge crossing a small canal and connecting the village with the road was rebuilt by replacing the stringers and decking.
At Huong So the village marketplace needed extensive rebuilding of roofs, the construction of a drainage system, the placing of fill and the construction of one new building. Because of its distance from Camp Campbell, it was decided to place two team members at the Huong Tra District Advisor’s compound for the duration of the job. The Senior District Advisor stressed his policy of Civic Action as advisory in nature and his expectations that the people would do all the work. While this policy succeeded in getting excellent cooperation from the people, it was also the greatest weakness as it gave the Seabees involved little sense of accomplishment. Adequate labor was always available and the Seabees were able to teach many people various building skills from proper framing to mixing of adequate concrete and proper installation of reinforcing bar. They in turn learned aome useful tricks from the Vietnamese. Candy and cookies were provided by the Senior District Advisor for use in the mid-autumn festival.
At Phu Loc, roof repair in the marketplace involved replacing purlins and trusses in some cases. One building was extended approximately 2 feet. Concrete steps from the road were formed and poured and an extensive concrete entrance was made. The village chief and people were most cordial and helpful. Adequate VN labor was always available in whatever number required. This was a large marketplace and four major buildings were involved plus several smaller ones. The village chief provided excellent security for tools and materials. No tools were lost on this job during the entire two months Seabees were on the job.
At Loc Bon the NMCB-1 Civic Action Team was tasked to build a dispensary for the village which had its own doctor. The Marine Combined Action Platoon units located in this village were also of considerable help with this project. A 16’x32’ building was planned and built using poured concrete slabs and foundation, concrete block walls with wood trusses and tin roof. Blocks were made on the site by local Vietnamese with advice of Seabees. A local mason was hired to lay the block with sand and mortar also purchase fom a Vietnamese vendor. This project was notable as the only major “from scratch” job. It was also marked by friction between the village chief and the doctor and resulted in difficulties with Vietnamese laborers at times
… NMCB-58 began construction of an 8” welded steel pipeline connecting the Beach and South Tank Farms at Chu Lai. The project was turned over to NMCB-7 on 10 October 1969 with the job 72% complete. All manifolding and 7000 ft of line was in place at Beach Tank farm and 1500 ft remaining to the South Tank Farm.
…NMCB-128 personnel manning the Lima Sector of the Combat Base perimeter received small arms fire. No casualties.
…CDR W.L. Wilson, COMCBPAC Operations Officer and LT R.M. Rohrbach, COMCBPAC Administrative Officer, commenced a management inspection visit of the Operations, Administrative, Personnel, Training, and safety areas on NMCB-62.
…CAPT A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, COM32NCR and CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, prospective COM32NCR, visited NMCB-53’s crusher and asphalt detail at Vinh Dai.

1970… The Vietnamese Director of Airbases toured the NMCB-10 Phu Bai Airfield project.
… NMCB-5’s Detail Yankee at Da Nang, completed paving work on the Da Nang main supply route. Although some of the paving work topok place under heavy traffic conditions without the benefit of detours, the work was of high quality and was completed over one month ahead of schedule. (MCB-5 DCR 1970)
…”The Seabees woked all night to restore our power and put roofs back on our homes.”
If you’d been stationed at NAS Corpus Christi when hurricane Celia swept through the base on 04 August, you’d have heard (and maybe made) remarks like this.
The eye of the storm passed within two miles of the naval air station. Winds reached 160 miles per hour; seven to eight inches of rain flooded the base. Although the destructive winds and rain caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage, there were no reported injuries.
In response to a call for assistance, the Commander, 20th Naval Construction Regiment at the Seabee Center at Gulfport, MS, assigned a portion of one of his homeported battalions to emergency duties at NAS Corpus Christi.
Within 20 hours, electricians and builders from NMCB-74 arrived at the air station. Eighteen mobile generators were airlifted with them to satisfy the most pressing need: emergency electrical power.
Before dark the day after the storm, four generators had been tied in to essential locations. One went to the station galley, others to the commissary and cold storage plant to preserve critical food supplies, and the fourth to the base hospital.
Power line restoration began in earnest early Wednesday morning. Two crews started removing broken poles and restringing electrical lines.
Working 16 to 18 hours without rest, the Seabees managed to reset 30 to 50 power poles a day. After snapped wires were removed, the crews backed line trucks into a pole and connected a cable around it. With the cable secured, a winch held the pole upright while the hole was refilled with gravel.
At the same time, builders began emergency roof repairs in the hardest-hit family housing area. During the first four days over 100 houses were repaired: more than a hundred families could return to their homes.
In addition the Seabees from Gulfport contributed almost $1000 to victims of hurricane Celia.

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