22 November

1967…LTJG K.F. Skoog reported aboard NMCB-121 at Camp Campbell
…LCDR F.M. Newcomb, of COMCBPAC, visited NMCB-6 at Camp Miller, Chu Lai, and inspected contingency plans, material readiness, and embarkation.
…An unknown number of Viet Cong were seen near the NMCB-3 rock crusher site. The camp went on 50% alert; M-60s, M-79s, and 40mm cannon were fired and the VC retreated.
…Three (3) persons, believed to be Viet Cong, were seen near the NMCB-3 perimeter

1968… NMCB-11 was responsible for installation of a POL pipeline from the south abutment of the My Chanh Bridge to the POL farm at Quang Tri Combat Base. The goal of the project was to insure a constant flow of petroleum products to the Quang Tri Combat Base without the necessity of relying on the use of barges which were unreliable during periods of high water. The line originated at Tan My (YD 818-328) and terminated at the POL farm on the QTCB.
The installation consisted of a 6-inch Vitrolic pipe buried at a depth of 2 ½ feet in the shoulder on National Route 1 with gate valves stationed each one half mile along the 18 mile long line. Many problems were encountered in running through highly built up and therefore busy areas such as Quang Tri City and the viallage of Hai Lang and in crossing the numerous rivers and streams along the route but by far ditcher breakdown was the largest single problem resulting in the majority of job delays. Out of 7 ditchers on board during this period, it was extremely difficult to keep two operating on the job site at one time. In order to complete the line on schedule, it again became necessary for NMCB-11 to swing into a 24 hour per day operating schedule and with the Army providing security, night crews continued to operate all available trenching macnines around the clock.
The two typhoons in early September dumped tremendous quanities of water in the Northern I Corps area and played havoc with the trench. The resulting rise in water table also forced the pipe out of the ground in numerous locations. Indigeneous laborers were used to hand dig trenches and re-lower the pipe.
…NMCB-121 deployed a 2 man Civic Action Team to Vinh Loc Island for road and bridge construction projects.They supervises the work of the villagers in construction of two bridges, several miles of road and the rehabilitation of a market place.One man was assigned full time for 8 months to the Phu Luong hospital construction job begun by NMCB-8, with all labor furnished by the villagers. The building was essentially complete at the end of the NMCB-121 deplyment.

1969… NMCB-121 Main Body began arriving at Camp Haskins South, Da Nang. The movement was complete by 26 November.
…CDR W.L. Wilson and LT R.M. Rohrbach, COMCBPAC Operations and Administrative Inspection Team arrived at Camp Hoover to conduct inspections of NMCB-74.
…NMCB-7’s Detail Kilo, consisting of 1 Officer and 41 Enlisted men, deployed to LZ baldy for the purpose of upgrading Toute 1 from the Cau Lau Bridge to LZ Baldy.

1970…While newspapers around the world were telling of the unsuccessful attempt to liberate U.S. POWs in the Son Tay prison camp in North Vietnam, 10 SEALS of Whiskey Platoon of SEAL Team One, Detachment GOLF led bt Lt. Couch, along with 19PF troops, were doing some liberating of their own. In an area 15 kilometers east-southeast on New Nam Can, the SEALS and PFs freed 19 South Vietnamese POWs after carrying on a running fire fight with 18 VC guards. The aggressiveness of the SEALs and PFs was clearly exhibited in this team operation. Two VC were also captured along with numerous documents in the raid. Worthy of note is the fact that this was the first in-country operation for Whiskey Platoon and its supporting unit, MST Det. Charlie
… Unknown explosion at Cooper Bridge killed three Vietnamese civilians. No NMCB-3 Seabees were involved

1971…Elements providing security for Seabee Team 6206 while performing road work in Binh Tuy Province engaged an estimated one squad of Viet Cong. One enemy killed in action and one wounded in action and captured.
…NMCB-3 relieved NMCB-5 at the Guam deployment site. NMCB-5 departed for CONUS and completed it’s 1971 deployment.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Corral departed Guam for Point Mugu

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