02 December

1966… NMCB-40 completed the Durapox coating of the Chu Lai East runway and SATS area.
…A Change of Command Ceremony was held on board Camp Haskins, Da Nang, at which CDR Daniel N. Shockey, CEC, USN, relieved CDR Richard E. Anderson, CEC, USN, as Commanding Officer of NMCB-9
…Seabee Team 0509 deployed to RVN.

1967…RADM Husband, Chief of Civil Engineers; RADM Heaman, COMCBPAC; and RADM Bartlett, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-121 at Camp Campbell.
…CAPT C.G. Miller, Chief of Staff, COMCBPAC; CAPT Hackenson, Logistics Officer, COMCBPAC; and CDR Donnelly, Logistics Officer, COMCBLANT, visited NMCB-6 at Camp Miller, Chu Lai and held a Management Inspection.
…An NMCB-1 Seabee was wounded by enemy rocket on Route One
…Among the many projects undertaken by MCB-1 during the month was the design and fabrication of a prototype pre-cast bunker. The bunker was completed and installed for further evaluation on the beach perimeter near the 3rd NCB and 30th NCR headquarters building at Camp Haskins, Da Nang.
…Repairs to the Khe Sanh 2900 ft runway , which was begun on 10 Sept., was completed by CBMU-301’s detachment with additional help of men and equipment from NSA, Da Nang.

1968…A detachment of Seabees from NMCB-3 began work on the An Hoa Airfield. Old runway matting was removed and new and improved matting was installed. Given an impossible deadline, the Seabees of MCB-3 worked along side the Battalion’s Fleet rates in around the clock shifts finishing the project ahead of schedule. The completed project involved a 72 foot wide by 3500 foot long runway with turn around areas at each end of the runway as well as taxiway and parking apron. The airstrip was reopened to fixed wing traffic 6 days later on 08 December amazing the “Sidewalk Superintendent” Marines who watched the entire project unfold.
…NMCB-1 was assigned and started restoration work of the recently blown-up Phu Loc Railroad Bridge.

1969… NMCB-121 Alpha Company personnel working on QL-1 south of Da Nang received sniper fire. No casualties were sustained.
…The first flight of NMCB-4’s Main Body departed Da Nang to CBC Port Hueneme. The entire movement was completed by 05 December.

1970…NMCB-3 Detail Gemini departed Camp Haskins South for Railroad Bridge #1, thun Tien Province to repair damages caused by enemy explosives.

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