04 December

1966…RADM T.R. Weschler, USN, Commander NSA Da Nang and CAPT A.R. Marschall, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, attended the opening of the USAAF Exchange constructed by NMCB-5 in East Da Nang.

1967…At ceremonies conducted aboard CBC Port Hueneme, Senator V.L. Sturgeon, Aide to the Governor of California, accepted custody of a California State flag that had been flown over Camp Barnes’ berthing areas at Dong Ha during the Battalion’s recent deployment.

1968… The CBPAC DET RVN warehouse at Tan Son Nhut, Gia Dinh Province, was destroyed by fire. Weapons, communications gear, repair parts, allowance items, medical stores, green issue, and supply files were destroyed.
…Remainder of NMCB-71 Delay Party including Details Echo and Delta 2, comprising 6 officers and 189 enlisted men, returned to CBC Davisville via three C-141 aircraft.
…Condition One was set at Camp Rhodes, NMCB-11 from 2310 to 2355.
…An NMCB-7 Sector II daylight recon patrol discovered a homemade booby trap consisting of a C-Ration can filled with explosives with a pull wire device and nearby a bobby trap consisting of a buried mortar fuse with point up (YD 252560) The site was a previous sniper position as evidenced by spent small arms brass in the area. Another C-Ration bobby trap was found on a tank trail (YD 251557) . An abandoned house nearby had an old family type bunker. All of the booby traps had been in place for a long time. All booby traps and the bunker were destroyed.

1969…Project turnover from NMCB-4 to NMCB-121 was completed.
…LT A.P. Masterhazy, SC, USN, of COMCBPAC arrived at Camp Hoover to conduct the Annual Supply Inspection of NMCB-74.
…NMCB-62 Delay Party, consisting of 4 officers and 90 enlisted men, returned to CBC Gulfport.

1970… CAPT J.R. Fisher, Ass’t COMNAVFAC for Mil Readiness, Washington, D.C., visited NMCB-74 Detail Hotel.
…NMCB-3 Detail Equinox departed Camp Haskins South for Bac Lieu to construct SEA huts for Seal Team One.
…NMCB-3 Detail Hfdra departed Camp Haskins South for Cam Ranh Bay and Nha Trang area for well drilling operations.

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