08 December

1966On 08 December, MCB-62 relieved MCB-7 at Phu Bai and became the first battalion from the reopened Construction Battalion Center at Gulfport, Mississippi to operate in Vietnam.
NMCB-7s main Body began departing Phu Bai in 14 C-130 aircraft with the movement being completed by 15 December 1966. The workload assigned to NMCB-7 included over (800) 16x32 buildings for administration and berthing. After a study was made to determine the most efficient construction method, a prefabrication plant was built where units were mass produced for erection in the field. Pre-fabricated units were built in many CAC villages and as far away as Dong Ha. The time required to finish one unit was reduced from 11.5 to 8 man-days. The total saving of over 2800 man-days resulted in earlier completion of cantonments and enabled the Battalion to undertake additional projects.
POL support capability at Chu Lai was considerably improved when the new 8-inch bottom-lay line was flushed, charged, and pumped on 8 December. A flow rate of 2,000 barrels per hour was achieved, compared to the 320 barrels per hour through a 4-inch line. Both the 8-inch line and a new 12-inch line, which was not yet fully operational, were to be extended 900 feet to seaward to accommodate fully-loaded T-2 tankers.

1967The Dong Ha Bridge was closed due to a traffic accident which seriously damaged the bridge decking. By mobilizing a round-the-clock repair operation, NMCB-5 personnel were able to re-open the vital Line of Communication (LOC) link only 48 hours after the accident.

1968The An Hoa airfield upgrading project undertaken by NMCB-3 was one of the major Seabee construction assignments of the Vietnam conflict. Given an impossible deadline for the removal of the old matting and the installation of the new matting, Fleet Rates augmented the line company personnel in an attempt to meet the production schedule. Not only was the schedule met, but it was beaten! Working in two twelve-hour shifts, and being delayed by changes in plans, and two mortar attacks, the men pitched in and amazed their Marine on-lookers. The airfield closed at 1910 on 2 December, and was reopened to fixed-wing aircraft at 1330 on 8 December 1968. The end result of the efforts of NMCB-3 were a new aluminum runway, 3500 x 72 feet, turn-around areas at each end of the airstrip, and a new parking apron and taxiway. If the matting laid by the crews had been laid end to end, it would have stretched for over 35 miles, almost back to home in Da Nang.
NMCB-11s Advance Party consisting of 2 officers and 18 enlisted personnel departed the Battalion for CBC Port Hueneme via C-118 aircraft. The second increment of the Advance Party, consisting of 1 officer and 70 enlisted me followed on 28 December 1968.
At 1740H, 7 rounds of 82mm mortar were received in the immediate vicinity of the NMCB-1 Detail Foxtrot camp site and Bridge #1. No personnel were injured and no equipment damaged

1970NMCB-74 Detail Quebec (Vung Tau) rejoined the Battalion at CBC Bien Hoa.
NMCB-3 Detail Fornax departed Camp Haskins South for Ba To Airfield to install airfield matting on the airstrip and parking apron.

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