11 December

1967… CDR Ward W. DeGroot III, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-58, relieved CDR Paul R gates, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer, NMCB-1 at Camp Haskins North.
…NMCB-58 assumed operational control of the Happy Valley Quarry on 11 December 1967. The method used to obtain blast rock from the quarry followed commercial practices very closely. A pattern of 20-foot deep holes were driven using air-track rock drills. These holes were filled with 40% gelatine explosive which was detonated by electric blasting caps or detonating cord. The blast produced was loaded into Euclid rock dumps by a 21/2 cubic yard shovel and hauled to the crusher site. The rock was then processed through twin 200TPH Cedar Rapids primary and secondary crushers. A 24-hour operation was conducted using one primary and one secondary crusher for each of two 10-hour shifts. Rock sizes produced were 2½” minus road-run and 1½” concrete aggregate. The Happy Valley Quarry was closed on 18 February 1968.
…One culvert was blown on Route 1 at YD425464, NMCB-10 har repaired the damage by 13 December 1967.
…NMCB-10’s Detail Hotel at Cua Viet, received six 82MM mortar rounds. No personnel casualties were encountered. Damage was sustained to one water trailer and one motor grader.
…Commanding Officer of NMCB-58 relieved the Commanding Officer of NMCB-1 at Camp Haskins North, Da Nang
…An MCB-9 eight-man detail, led by BUL2 G.A. Fischer, USN, returned to Camp Hoover after completing four 175mm “Long John” gun platforms in support of B Battery, 8th Battalion, 4th U.S. Army Artillery Regiment based in the shifting, unstable lowland sands six miles southwest of Da Nang where it was discovered that the guns could not be held on target. Braced only against an almost fluid sand and standing on a heavy timber platform designed for use on more stable soils, the “Long Johns” were sliding backward six inches with the recoil of each round fired. Six-inch errors introduced into a weapon hurling projectiles for miles made accurate fire impossible.
Faced with this problem, NMCB-9’s Engineering Department, under the direction of LTJG Thomas Peters, developed a modification to the original platform. The battalion’s Delta Company was charged with building the redesign. The constructed a rogid underground “fence” of heavy 12” x 12” timbers within which a bed of crushed rock was placed. A heavy wooden platform, built in the form of half an octagon from 12” x 12” timbers and 3” x 12” decking, was “floated” on this rock.
NMCB-9’s Seabees and an Army gun crew were on hand November 10, 1967 as one of the massive, tracked guns rolled onto the platform and dropped its recoil spade into the rock bed. Twenty-two rounds were fired in rapid succession. The weapon’s movement upon the sand was negligible and well within the limits of accurate fire control.

1968… CDR W.F. Daniel, Jr., CEC, USN, Commanding Officer, NMCB-40 arrived at Camp Campbell, Phu Bai.
…At NMCB-133 formation, COL Tran Von Cam, Chief of Staff, 1st ARVN Division, presented five Gallantry Crosses with Silver Stars, ten Gallantry Crosses with Bronze Stars and seven Technical Medals Second Class to NMCB-133 personnel for work done upgrading National Route One. CAPT A.W. Walton, Jr., CEC, USN, COM32NCR and CDR F.H. Lewis, Jr., CEC, USN, CO NMCB-133 presented a number of letters of appreciation and commendation.
…CDR F.H. Lewis, Jr., CEC, USN, was honored by LTGEN R.G. Stillwell, USA, Commanding General, XXIV Corps, at a dinner in the General’s mess, XXIV Headquarters. General Stillwell presented CDR Lewis with a plaque in appreciation for support provided to XXIV Corps units.
…CAPT W. Sturman, CEC, USN, 3NCB Representative, Saigon, arrived on board Camp Barnes for a visit.
…NMCB-3’s Detail Whiskey, comprising 1 officer and 49 enlisted men, arrived at Bridge #5, Hue via convoy. The Detail was tasked with hauling minerals and erecting two TPH asphalt plants.
…Capt. Miller, Chief Staff Officer and Cdr. Hachenson, Supply Officer for COMCBPAC arrived for a Management Inspection visit.

1969…At 2310 NMCB-1 set Condition Infiltration. A sweep of the camp was made by the reaction platoon. At 0120 three American civilians were apprehended and released to CO 610 maintenance Company.

1970…RADM S.R. Smith, COMCBPAC, visited NMCB-74 at CBC Bien Hoa.
…NMCB-74 Detail Echo, consisting of 14 enlisted men, deployed to Dong Tam to rehabilitate advisors facilities.

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