Re(1): Heavens above

Father Meggers as St Francis of Assisi? Well, I guess they're in the same line of work except that St Francis swapped his riches for rags and talked to the birds whilst Father M has spent most of his career trying to swap his rags for riches and never talks to anything unless they have a hot tip on a horse or a greyhound.

Now MOBO as Roderigo Borgia, there's a thought. The leggings would definitely come in handy. I'm guessing Eveline could give Lucrezia a run for her money whilst I imagine Ashton and Jeremy could fight it out to decide which of them is Cesare. It's all becoming sinisterly (is that a word?) clear!

They say nice guys finish last. Maybe it's high time we took a leaf out of the Albert's book and tried a spot of murder, poison and bare-faced skulduggery. I wonder if our reverend captain could get us a dispensation?


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