27 December

1966RADM P.E. Seufer, COM3NCB, CAPT. A.R. Marschall, COM30NCR, and CAPT C.J. Baker, Chief of Staff, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-40 at Camp Shields.

1967 NMCB-58 began a project for MWSG-17 consisting of constructing a 24x100 wood frame carpenter shop and a 24x60 wood frame utilizes shop (L7014, 6641 III; AT998748). The project was turned over to NMCB-4 at 33% completion with the UT shop complete and work on the carpentershop not yet begun. The project was turned over when NMCB-58 redeployed to Hoi An on 01 March 1968.
CAPT C.W. Turner, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited Camp Faulkner and several NMCB-128 project sites.
NMCB-7s Detail Charlie Two returned to Camp Adenir after completing work on a classified project.
During NMCB-6s 1967-1968 deployment, two of the largest horizontal projects undertaken were Ammunition Supply Points (ASPs). The Class Va ASP, constructed for FLSG-B consumed 1,086 direct mandays and the Americal Division ASP sonsumed 3,143. The Americal Division ASP project required construction of four new 100x100 storage areas surrounded bt stabilized earth berms. Additionally, it required the upgrading of nine existing berms and road and drainage systems. A total of 65,000 cubic yards of earth was moved at a cost of $87,800.
NMCB-40s Cu Lao Re Island Radar Facility project, while a fairly small project, merits special attention because of the problems encountered because of the unique location of the project. Cu Lao Re is a volcanic island lying 28 miles southeast of Chu lai in the South China Sea. This project required the construction of a radar tower, an operations building, and a power converter building at the very peak of the volcanic mountain and at some 150 feet lower on the slope, two 16x32 standard berthing huts, one 16x16 berting hut, one 16x32 galley with concrete deck, one 10x12 shower and wash room, one generator shed, two four hole latrines, a water tower and water distribution system and 17,640 feet of electrical distribution system. As no roads were in existence anywhere near the site, all tools, materials, including concrete aggregate, and supplies were helo-lifted from the island beach to the peak after being transported there by sea in Landing Craft Medium (LCM) from Chu Lai. Extremely careful planning of the job was required to assure that the proper amounts of materials and supplies arrived on schedule to avoid construction delays. The crew, which consisted of I CPO and 8 other enlisted men, exhibited great initiative in speeding construction by devising special rigs, such as a cableway 250 feet long from the peak to the berthing hut area, to speed movement of materials up to the peak, and thus completed the facility ahead of schedule.

1968 In late December 1968, NMCB-121 formed two seven-man Mini Seabee Teams. Led by Senior Chief Beal, they detached from Camp Wilkinson and deployed to the Mekong Delta region where they were to work with the Vietnamese Mobile Riverine Forces, a division of the Vietnamese Navy. Through a combination self-help and civic action program, they expected to aid in the construction of berthing and messing facilities as well as help them improve their maintenance and docking facilities along the byways of the Delta rivers.
Senior Chief Beal supervised the operation from Saigon where Chief Morgan expedited the materials needed to complete the program.
The teams managed projects in three areas of the Delta. One of the first jobs they completed involved Team One working with the Third Riverine Force near the village of Cu Long. They erected a two story wooden frame office building, remodeled a concrete house into messing spaces and constructed a motor scooter shed. In My Tho they rebuilt a wooden pier and erected a new shower and head facilities Team Two worked in Cat lai where they constructed three Southeast Aisa Huts and improved the galley and messing spaces. In Nha Be a communications shack was reroofed and some 480 feet of four inch pipe installed to help move fresh water from the waterfront to the camp.
NMCB-7s Chaplain and Party while working at their Civic Action Site at Vinh Dai received 2 rounds of small arms sniper fire resulting in no damage or casualties

1969CAPT C.F. Krickenberger, COMCBLANT visited NMCB-121 at Camp Haskins South.
NMCB-10 Advance Party with seven officers and 113 enlisted men departed Port Hueneme, CA. by air and arrived at Camp Wilkinson on 28 Dec 69.

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