28 December

1965…Seabee Team involvement in well drilling and training terminated with redeployment of the last Mobile Training Teams

1967… NMCB-53’s Advance Party arrived on board Camp Adenir.
…NMCB-7’s Advance Party composed of two Officers and 24 Enlisted men departed Camp Adenir, East Da Nang for CBC Davisville.
…MCB-9’s Charlie Company completed additions to a POW compound, consisting of barracks, messing, and sanitary facilities, guard towers, and fencing for the III Marine Amphibious Force, 4 miles southwest of Da Nang.The project included construction of five prisoner detention buildings (including the fabrication of a gang lock system for the cell doors of each building), a mess shed, shower and sanitary facilities, and additional security fencing.
…NMCB-128 constructed many facilities at the Marble Mountain Air facility, Da Nang East for the U.S. Army’s 212th and 245th Aviation Support Battalions and Marine Air Group 16 (MAG-16).
During the monsoon season the runway was resurfaced with 2 inches of asphalt after removing the existing steel matting and replacing the laterite base with crushed rock. The sandy slopes next to the runway were seeded and shot with liquid asphalt to control erosion. The MAG-16 Parking Apron also received 2 inches of asphalt after rmoving the steel matting and laterite and replacing with rock. Then eight foot steel revetments were constructed and filled with laterite for blast protection.
At the 212th Aviation Battalion cantonment, officer and enlisted quarters, shower facilities, administrative facilities, roads and utilities were constructed as well as extending the old steel matting on the parking area and constructing nine foot wood frame revetments.
NMCB-128 also erected (3) 10,000 barrel welded steel tanks for POL storage with piping system and protective berms.
Forty-six air conditioned quonssts were erected (24 for MAG-16 and 22 for MAG-11) as Tactical Air Crew Quarters which provided living spaces for 368 officers.

1968… NMCB-5 Advance Party departed CONUS by air for Camp Hoover, Da Nang
…NMCB-11 second increment Advance Party departs Camp Rhodes for CONUS.
…NMCB-3 completed the storm water drainage system at NAD Camp Fay.
…During NMCB-74’s first deployment to Vietnam, LT. Y.H. Ketels, CEC, USN, developed a new type perimeter watch bunker which was revolutionary in its construction in that it required less maintenance, cost less than conventional sand bag construction, was easy to construct, and offered more protection than sand bag construction. This structure was improved upon during the Battalion’s second deployment and a work order was received to construct several for the Chu Lai Defense Command.. Eventually the project scope expanded to a total of 230 such bunkers for the entire perimeter of the Chu Lai Enclave. Because of a shortage of man-power at the time, due to details, TAD personnel, etc., a supervisory crew of 2-3 men were sent from the Battalion to effect the bunker construction utilizing personnel from the units which would be using the bunkers. This system was very successful except that the time frame was extended by employing labor not accustomed to construction

1969…NMCB-133 Advance Party of 3 officers and 117 enlisted men departed Camp Wilkinson for CBC Gulfport

1970…Capt. W.H. Zobel, CEC, USN, COM32NCR, visited NMCB-3 at Camp Haskins South, Da Nang.

1971…CBMU-302 NAVCAT One completed improvements on the Monkey Mountain ACTOVRAD site in Da Nang

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