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Re(7): auto-tune

Martin, I could not agree with you more. And for the record, your voice sounds splendid just as it is. While I admit, I was drawn to your music around 1994 through the "Partridge Connection," Dave Gregory and XTC, I found that both your lyrics, unique vocal style and cool yet simple chord changes felt great in my ears, and instantly made me take notice. Frankly, there's not any other artist that I was so intrigued by upon first listening.

As I might have said before, GLE and 'A Summer Tamarind' made their home in my CD player for several years. Keep on doing what you do... that's why we're all here to visit.

As for today's "adjusting" of music in the name of technical perfection, for me it's all about the imperfections in music that make it so wonderful, which explains why today's pop music is so lifeless and dull. I just heard a really neat-o album called 'Double Fantasy Light,' which is of course, John Lennon's 1980 album release, but with the strings, and much of John's trademark slapback echo removed. What a beautiful record it becomes when hearing it this way. I always preferred John's voice over the other Beatles, anyway.


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