25 January

1963…The 1st Seabee Technical Assistance Team(s) arrive in Vietnam. Teams 0501 and 0502 were given “Secret” security clearances and were funded by the CIA. The Teams deployed to Vietnam in the early 60’s were in support of the Army Special Forces which were training the Hill Tribes of the Central Highlands (Montagnards) in anti-guerrilla tactics as the CIDG model, the Civilian Irregular Defense Group)
Seabee Technical Assistance Teams (STATs), later shortened to “Seabee Teams” became a part of the Vietnamese scene when the first two organized teams, 0501 and 0502, under LTjg R.L. Ferriter and LT. C.V.M. Popowich arrived at Dam Pau in the central part of the country and Tri Ton in southwest Vietnam for the construction of civic action and tactical support projects.

1966…At approximately 0034, Camp Adenir came under 81mm mortar attack. 13 rounds fell in the camp killing one Marine and wounding 4 Seabees and 3 Marines. Two of the wounded Seabees were members of the NMCB-11 Advance Party. CN Ronal J. Dzieme, of C Company, and CMA3 Dana Cornelius, of A Company. The attack also destroyed two pieces of construction equipment and damaged four others.
…NMCB-4 batched it’s first concrete using a makeshift plant and new transit mix trucks.

1967…A dump truck operated by Team 0805 near Bao Trai, Hau Nghia Province, struck and detonated a mine causing damage to the truck but no personnel injuries.
…NMCB-4’s LTJG P. Kelley and seven men departed for Khe Sanh for project site turnover.

1968… NMCB-58 began a project for 1st MARDIV to construct 17 16’x32. strongbacks for 1st MARDIV schools. The PROJECT was turned over to NMCB-22 on 13 August when the project was 66% complete.
…Additional prototype bunkers, constructed and set up in the 3NCB area by NMCB-58, were again inspected. Accompanying RADM J. V. Bartlett were the same dignitaries present for the 14 January inspection, plus GEN Cao Van Vien, Chief of Joint General Staff Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces; BGEN A.P. Collins, Director of Construction, MACV; and BGEN Ngo Quang Trong, CG First Division ARVN.
…CDR W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN; CDR C.H. Swift, CHC, USN, and LT J.L. Henley, CEC, USN, of COMCBPAC Staff, arrived on board for NMCB-10’s Annual Administrative Inspection and departed the following day.
…An NMCB-8 jeep carrying LCDR H.P. Davis, CEC, USN; LTJG W.G. Goodman, CEC, USNR; and BUCS L. Ferron struck a mine on Route 546 near Hue resulting in total destruction of the vehicle and requiring medivac of the three passengers, all of which were seriously wounded.
…NMCB-5 completed construction of a mobile Eiffel truss bridge. The mobile bridge was 40-ft long, 12-ft wide and had a capacity of 35 tons on a 30-ft span. The mobile bridge was planned for use in transporting heavy equipment over National Route 9 and to provide an immediate replacement for short span damaged bridges. The bridge could be transported by prime mover or airlifted by CH-54 helicopter. (MCB-5 DCR 67-68)
…NMCB-3’s Detail Storm tango returned to Camp Wilkinson.
…NMCB-3 set Condition Alpha at 0250 and Condition I at 0245 for 35 minutes due to nine mortar and artillery rounds impacting near the Camp Wilkinson perimeter.
…Possibly the largest project of the month was the completion of a Helicopter Repair facility for the Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division. MCB-74 was primarily responsible for this project which was constructed adjacent to the Seabees’ Camp Haskins at Da Nang. The facility was turned over to the Deputy Commanding General of the 1st Air Cavalry Division by Rear Admiral James V. Bartlett, Commander, 3rd NCB, during a ceremony on 15 January. Throughout the construction of the facility, MCB-74 received various types of assistance from MCBs 7,9,58, 62, and 128.

1970…NMCB-1’s Detail Echo, consisting of an OIC and 47 enlisted men, departed Saigon and An Thoi for the Rung Sat Special Zone.

1971…The Solid Anchor Complex at Nam Can received approximately 75 rounds of 82mm mortar fire. Ten to twelve rounds struck inside the NMCB-74 Detail Golf compound. Minor damage resulted to 3 structures, a dump truck, and a TD-20. No Seabee casualties resulted.
…CDR H.E. Keppel, LCDR OTT of CBMU-302 visited CBC, Bien Hoa and toured facilities.
…CBMU-302 completed and turned over to the VNN Phase 1 of the dependent shelters at Cuu Long. Pase 1 consisted of 108 units.

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