30 January

1967…NMCB-58 completed installation of a Standard D32A reefer complex at Building 28, FLSG-A Da Nang. The project had been begun on 28 August 1966.
…Flrst flight of NMCB-4 Main Body arrived at Da Nang.

1968...Maximum Alert Ground Defense Condition One was set at Camp Faulkner due to a rocket and mortar attack on nearby facilities. NMCB-128 assisted the direction of fire from artillery and helicopters onto enemy positions. No casualties of incoming rounds at Camp Faulkner.
…A rocket.mortar attack occurred in the Da Nang area. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from 0200 to 0330. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins South.
…Substantial military action took place during the TET offensive conducted by the enemy. Construction capability was lost due to disruption of transportation and requirement for increased security.
(1) Camp Haskins North: NMCB-58 went into Condition I alert as the adjacent installations of the 1st Air cavalry and FLC were under rocket and small arms attack. Condition II was set every night until 08 February when conditions were back to normal. Enemy activity during this period prevented crews from working on projects outside the camp area.
(2) Happy valley Quarry: The Happy Valley Quarry went into Condition I alert and remained therein through 12 February. Night work ceased and personnel went on half-day production due to increased security requirements. From 07 February to 11 February the situation made necessary the reinforcement of the quarry with NMCB-58 personnel from Camp Haskins North. On 07 February an observation post was attacked by an estimated 9 Viet Cong. NMCB-58 personnel returned fire killing 1 of the enemy.
(3) Hoi An: The supply route to Hoi An was cut off and that section of Route 1 was controlled by the enemy until approximately 11 February. A limited quantity of supplies were delivered by helicopter but from 02 to 06 February all horizontal construction stopped due to lack of fuel.
(4) Nam Hoa Quarry: The area was cut off by the enemy and critical supplies were brought in by helicopter. Lack of Materials and equipment resulted in extensive lost time and decrease in production.
…Camp Adenir came under enemy 61mm mortar fire. Seven rounds impacted within the camp and 17 men were wounded. 14 Seabees from NMCB-53 were subsequently awarded the Purple Heart.
…The Camp Barnes Enlisted Men’s Club was officially opened with the presentation of a USO Show.
…Approximately 10 rounds of high explosive Viet Cong mortar fire impacted 100 to 500 yards forward of MCB-9’s Bunker 24 overlooking Happy Valley from 0227 to 0321. At 0322 rockets passed over Camp Hoover and impacted on the Da Nang Air Base. This enemy action signaled the beginning of a massive Viet Cong TET (New Year) offensive which involved attackes upon forty-four major towns and twenty-four air-fields in the Republic of Vietnam. At 0330, 5 rounds of rocket fire impacted near Bunker 24. No personnel casualties were sustained. MCB-9 began a twelve-day period of manning camp defensive positions at night, while upgrading defenses and working on nearby construction projects during the day.

1970…LCDR D.C. Sturmer, CEC, USN, reported aboard NMCB-7 to relieve LCDR T.J. Heffernan, CEC, USN, as Executive Officer

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