01 February

1966…The NMCB-11 main Body consisting of 14 officers and 499 enlisted men deployed by air to Camp Adenir, Da Nang from CBC Port Hueneme. The movement was complete by 05 February 1966.

1967…NMCB-58 turned over to NMCB-74 0n 05 June 1967 the construction of a 40’x96’ Butler building with a 16’x96’ lean-to on one side and a 16’x24’ lean-to on the other side for 1st FSR, Red Beach, Da Nang. (L701, 6659III; 949792) The project, which was begun on 01 February 1967, was 98% complete at the time of turnover.
…NMCB-58 completed construction of a 30’x60’ wood storage building for MWHG-1 at Tango Area, Da Nang. The project had begun on 10 January 1967.

1968…Richard L. Blevins SN Tulsa, OK NMCB-3 Phu Bai
…NMCB-8 begins it’s third RVN deployment at Camp Wilkinson relieving NMCB-3
…Team 1011 evacuated its compound in Vinh Long Province during the TET Offensive against Vinh Long City. The Team evacuated to the Vinh Long Airfield and assisted in constructing and manning defensive positions. Upon return to the team compound on 02 February, extensive damage was found to the Team home and some equipment due to one mortar round and 50 caliber fire. The Team remained on increased alert conditions until 20 February 1968.
…NMCB-128 set Ground Defense Condition One at Camp Faulkner due to a mortar attack on nearby facilities. Battalion personnel provided coordinates of launching sites to the sector fire coordinator. Battalion security personnel sighted enemy movement along a causeway 400 meters southwest of the Camp Faulkner perimeter. Personnel assisted a Marine patrol in locating the enemy by firing tracer rounds. No NMCB-128 casualties or incoming rounds.
…Phu Bai Combat Base was under Condition I Alert from 1732 to 0700 while it was under attack from 122 rockets and mortars. No rounds impacted within Camp Campbell
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB and CAPT C.W. Turner, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Haskins South and gave a welcome aboard talk to the officers and senior enlisted men on NMCB-62.
…CDR C.H. Swift, CEC, USN, of COMCBPAC arrived at Camp Haskins North to conduct the Chaplain Administrative Inspection of NMCB-58.
…Twelve men from NMCB-10’s Detail Golf returned to the battalion’s base camp from Camp J.J. Carroll.
…CDR J.F. O’Leary, NMCB-8 Commanding Officer, officially took command of Camp Wilkinson.
…NMCB-8’s Detail Tango, consisting of 1 officer and 30 enlisted men, traveled by air to Tan My tasked with construction of the Tan My end of the Col Co road and port facilities at Tan My port.
…The main power plant and power lines of the Chu Lai power distribution system were energized by CDR T.A. Hardy, Commanding Officer, NSAD Chu Lai.
…RADM J.B. Osborn, USN, Commander NSA Da Nang, visited the Dong Ha LCU Landing and Staging Area being constructed by NMCB-5.
…NMCB-3 manned the perimeter all night due to increased Viet Cong activity.
…The NMCB-3 camp received 2 rocket rounds during the lunch period. SN Richard Blevins was Killed in Action. 1 member of NMCB-8 was wounded in action. At the same time NMCB’-3’s fourth flight to CONUS was mortared while personnel were boarding at the Phu Bai Airport.
…RADM Osborn, Commander, NSA Da Nang visited the CBMU-301 Base Camp.
…Between 0300 and 0630, the MCB-9 road Checkpoint 2 on Route 3 received small arms fire and automatic weapons fire from a village east of Camp Hoover and observed abnormal activity in the intervening rice paddies. In returning the fire, road Checkpoint 2 reported two secondary explosions. A nine-man patrol, sent to investigate the area at dawn, came under automatic weapons fire. BU1 B.R. Lemaster and BUL3 G.T. Lagrone were wounded and MEDEVAC’ed by two U.S. Huey gunships. Six Vietnamese found in the area of engagement were detained after the fire fight and turned over to the Subsector Command for questioning.
… MCB-9’s effort during February was considerably hampered by enemy activity and harassment. On 1 February the MCB-9 checkpoint on Route 3 came under small-arms fire. Two Seabees were wounded in a subsequent investigation patrol during which six Viet Cong suspects were captured.
…During the period 1 to 5 February, Gia Le and Phu Bai Combat Bases came under enemy rocket attacks. As a result of one of these attacks the engineering office of MCB-8 was completely destroyed. Both MCB-8 and MCB-121 manned their perimeters during the hours of darkness of this period.

1969…Red Alert at Camp Wilkinson; no rounds and no casualties.
…Official confirmation was received on the promotions of 5 MCB-22 Lieutenants to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. They were Lcdr. G.C. House, CEC, USNR, Lcdr. R.G. Maddox, CEC, USNR, Lcdr. W.J. Schell, CEC, USNR, Lcdr. G.F. Sears, CEC, USN, and Lcdr. G. Smith, CEC, USNR.

1970…NMCB-121 EO2 B.L. Burns driving a Belly Dump hit a mine on QL-1, 1 mile north of Dien Ban. EO2 Burns received minor injuries. A TD-6 Dozer hit a mine approximately 50 feet from where the Belly Dump was damaged. Three men received slight injuries.

1971…CAPT W.R. Rogers, COMCBLANT and EQCM Egelus, MCPO CBLANT, visited CBC Bien Hoa and toured facilities.
…Golden Gate Bridge was damaged by enemy explosives.

2003…Space shuttle Columbia broke apart during re-entry on mission STS-107. Cmdr. William C. McCool (Pilot), Capt. David M. Brown (Mission Specialist) and Cmdr. Laurel B. Clark (Mission Specialist) were killed in the incident, along with four other astronauts.

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