14 February

1967…NMCB-58 turned over to NMCB-74 its project at 1st MARDIV begun on 14 February 1967, consisted of constructing a three Quonset hut complex in a U shaped design with interior wiring, floor tile, air conditioning, interior plumbing, a septic tank and sewage lines and a chain link perimeter fence. At the time of turnover the original scope of work had been completed with only some customer furnished material remaining to complete the project. The highlight of the project was the difficult site preparation. The site was positioned on the side of a hill adjacent to the existing 1st MARDIV Communications Center and bunker and above many office buildings. Blasting had to be curtailed prior to achieving a satisfactorily level site because of the possibility of danger to nearby structures. Consequently, much time was lost in jack hammering protruding rocks. At the time of turnover the project was 99% complete.
…NMCB-4 increased the Khe Sanh construction crew to 50 men. ENS. L.M. Collins replaced LTJG G.P. Kelley as OIC.

1968…Team 5801 convoyed its rolling stock from NSAD, Binh Thuy, to a new team site at Chau Phu, Chau Doc Province. Chau Phu was the most westerly Seabee Team location located in the Mekong Delta it was just 3 miles from the Cambodian border. The team had been interrupted in its move to the new site by the Tet Offensive.
…An NMCB-62 15 ton dump truck detonated a land mine while working on the maintenance and repair of Route 1 (L7014, AU822008), 16 miles north of Camp Haskins. The front of the truck was badly damaged. There were no NMCB-62 casualties.
…Chu Lai Combat Base received 122mm rocket attack. No damage or casualties resulted at Camp Shields.
…NMCB-3’s Delay Party of 1 officer and 3 men, who remained to ship battalion gear to CONUS, departed Vietnam. (MCB-3 DCR ’67-’68)
…Cdr. D.N. Shockley, CEC, USN, was relieved as Commanding Officer of U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion NINE by Cdr. J.A. Wright, CEC, USN, at formal Change of Command ceremonies held at Camp Hoover. (MCB-9 DCR Oct67-Jun68)
…Working at Phu Bai in support of newly arrived Army units, MCB-121 was continuing work on three Butler buildings, a data processing facility, and a chapel.

1969…LCDR G.R. Gilmore and MAJ C.T. Tyson conducted a CBPAC management visit in planning and training with NMCB-128 at Camp Rhodes.
…CDR Swift, CHC, USN, Staff Chaplain COMCBPAC and CDR Becker, MSC, USN, COMSERVPAC Staff Medical Officer, visited Camp Wilkinson for a Management Inspection of NMCB-121.
…Three NMCB-58 Main Body flights, totaling 6 officers and 249 enlisted men, arrived at Camp Shields.
…NMCB-40 Security Bunker #12 reported receiving 1 round of enemy fire from 2 individuals sighted in front of their position.
…The NMCB-7 Executive Officer, LCDR J.L. Dettbarn and two prospective Seabee Team Officers, LTJG E.J. Adams and LTJG L.E. Townley visited Seabee Teams 0703 and 0704.
…NMCB-22 completed the replacement of A/C Units in 30th NCR Conference Room complete
…MCB-22 Perimeter fence repair to camp Haskins North completed

1970…CDR E.F. Lewis, CEC, USN, Operations Officer, 3NCB, visited NMCB-7 project sites in Chu Lai.

1971…LTJG P.F. McCoy and Mr. R.D. Spencer of SSEO visited NMCB-3 in connection with SSEO operations.

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