21 February

1967…NMCB-4 began work on Route 1C and 1D with 14 and 13 man EO crews respectively.

1968…35 Charlie Company (NMCB-4) departed Da Nang by LST for Chu Lai for construction of the aircraft revetment covers for Marine Air Group TWELVE (MAG-12)
…In addition to the many projects completed during February, numerous significant projects were begun or continued by the Third NCB battalions. At Phu bai MCB-8 began construction of the 1st MARDIV hospital and continued work on four Butler buildings for Marine Air Group (MAG) 36 U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam Monthly Historical Summary
…21 men from CBMU-301 were temporarily detached to Phu Bai for repair of the runway located there
… MCB-6 in conjunction with MCB-40 completed Phase One of the Chu Lai “medevac” hospital. This project included a 40-bed intensive care ward, two 50-bed wards, a central supply room, 500 feet of covered walkway, and the transformation of the former intensive care unit into an operating room.

1969…NMCB-58 Commanding Officer CDR C.J. Mathews and NMCB-58 Alpha Company Commander attended a rock production conference at 3NCB.
…Memorial services were conducted in Camp Hoover Chapel in honor of C.D. Jones, SW1, USN, 513 89 79, who died on 19 February from injuries received on 13 February 1969 from a mine explosion on the ASP-1 perimeter.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Hotel departed by LST for An Thoi, Phu Quoc Island (MCB-5 DCR 1969)
…NMCB-22 completed FLC P.W. Work Center Sewer complete
…USAF Air Passenger (240’ x 60’) Terminal complete (USAF TRI-ATCO Complex). This multi-building complex located at the Da Nang Air Base was assigned to several battalions and RMK/BRJ of which Delta Company of NMCB-22 had the construction responsibility for the following buildings:
A. USAF Air Mail Terminal-This was the mail reception and distribution center comprised of three metal “Pasco” buildings married together amounting to 9,000 Sq. Ft.
B. USAF Base Operations Facility-A two-story wood frame structure of 7,980 Sq. Ft. to house the entire air base operations functions.
C. USAF Air Passenger Terminal-This expansive 14,400 Sq. Ft. wood frame building was the main passenger embarkation/debarkation center for the Da Nang Air Base. Because of its importance, NMCB-22 was tasked to modify its original conventional design to present a more inviting and spacious atmosphere. The battalion with the assistance of 30th NCR personnel completely reworked the structural system and architectural character of the building.
D. USAF 42-Man Head-A 960 Sq. Ft. wood frame building housing the toilet facilities to support the Air Passenger Terminal in particular.
E. USAF Fleet Service Facility- an 800 Sq. Ft. wood frame structure and other support facility for the Air Passenger Terminal for bulk storage.

1970…A farewell party was held for RADM J.G. Dillon, COM3NCB at Camp Hoover. In attendance were 3NCB staff; CAPT J.E. Washburn, COM32NCR and staff; and Commanding Officers of NMCB’s 1 and 121.

1971…A small unit of VC was detected at the southeast corner of OP Base, Kien An. Attack was repelled. NMCB-71 Detail Foxtrot personnel received no injuries and no damage resulted.
…CAPT E.H. Marsh II, CBPAC, visited NMCB-74 Detail Juliett at Mui Dinh.
…RADM G. Reider, Commander, 1st Reserve Naval Constrion Brigade, visited CBC Bien Hoa.

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