29 March

1966…The NMCB-5 Advance Party of 4 Officers and 51 Enlisted men departed Camp Hoover, Da Nang for CBC Port Hueneme.

1967…NMCB-133 deployed a 12 man crew, led by PO1 Tincher, to Hoi An to build a cantonment for ARVN Forces. The detail rejoined the Battalion on 21 May 1967.
…RADM William M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC; RADM Paul E. Seufer, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; and CAPT Carlyle J. Baker, CEC, USN, Chief of Staff, 3NCB, visited NMCB-58 at Camp Haskins South.
…NMCB-40 completed the VW-1 Avionics Pad.
…RADM W.M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC and RADM P.E. Seufer, CEC, USN, COM3NCB, visited the NMCB-9 camp at Camp Haskins and the Happy Valley quarry site.

1968…An NMCB-58 dump truck received extensive damage by shrapnel while being operated in the Phu bai area. No personnel injuries were sustained.
…NMCB-4’s EO3 D.W. Robey was wounded by shrapnel when the NMCB-8 camp at Gia Le received six rounds of enemy 122mm rockets.
…The Seabee Team construction emphasis of the work began to return to pre-Tet programs with the return of security in rural areas. About 25 to 35 percent of the team efforts was directed to the repair of damaged civilian facilities. The return of team members to areas where pre-Tet construction was underway revealed that no action had been directed toward team efforts. Detailed reports from all teams showed that although the teams were located in priority Viet Cong target areas, no Seabee team received attacks directed specifically against them. There were no personnel casualties or compound damages sustained.

1969…The Seabee Team 0513 compound near Ben Tre, Kien Hoa Province, received 12 to 15 B-40 rocket rounds and intense small arms fire, resulting in moderate equipment damage. No U.S. casualties.
…Camp Red Devil, Quang Tri Combat Base, received three rounds of 60mm mortar. One WIA. No casualties to NMCB-128 personnel.
…CAPT C.G. Miller, CEC, USN, Chief of Staff, CBPAC and CDR B.J. Hackenson, SC, USN, CBPAC Logistics Officer, visited Camp Shields for purposes of conducting CBPAC Command and Logistics Inspection on NMCB-58. CAPT Miller inspected the Battalion on 30 March 1969 at awards formation and presented the Purple Heart to EOCA G.W. McKettrick.
…NMCB-58 Detail Golf, consisting of 1 officer and 46 enlsted men, deployed to Duc Pho to repair the airfield.
…NMCB-3’s Detail Victor completed the last span of the new Liberty Bridge making the bridge passable to vehicular traffic.
…The first element of the advance party of NMCB-4 arrived at Camp Adenir to begin relieving NMCB-12.

1970…RADM J.V. Bartlett, Vice Commander NAVFACENGCOM visited NMCB-121 at Camp Haskins South.
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, Vice Commander NAVFAC; RADM A.F. Marschall, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR; and CAPT A.W. Walton, Jr., CEC, USN, Duty Commander for Facilities Acquistion, visited NMCB-74 at Camp Hoover and met all Battalion officers and senior chief petty officers.
…One way northbound motorized traffic opened of the Cau Do Bridge. NMCB-74 completed the project three weeks ahead of schedule. A 25% reduction in the original man-day estimate was achieved.
…NMCB-74 Crew Sierra, consisting of 6 enlisted men from Charlie Company, deployed to Hoi An to construct anti-swim/sapper protection for Riverine Division 543. The Detail rejoined the Battalion on 16 April 1970.
…Radm. J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, Vice Commander, NAVFACENGCOM; Radm. A.R. Marschall, CEC, USN, CON3NCB; Capt. A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, Deputy for Facilities Acquisition, NAVFACENGCOM; Capt. J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR; and Cdr. S.D. Lowe, CEC, USN, NAVFACENGCOM, visited MCB-10 at Camp Wilkinson.

1971…NMCB-5’s Detail Pinto, consisting of 5 Enlisted men, deployed to Binh Thut, to undertake construction of modifications at VAL-4 and provide support to Detail Maverick at Ca Mau, including the procrument and delivery of food, beverages, ammunition, and detail supplies. The Detail additionally provided a trans-shipment point for construction materials coming from Bien Hoa and operated three LCM-8 landing craft in support of Ca Mau during the course of the deployment. Detail Pinto additionally undertook the construction of revetments and other small facilities for Val-4 in Binh Thuy early in the deployment.
…NMCB-3’s Detail Quasar personnel working on LTL-4 were pinned down by heavy small arms fire for approximately twenty minutes. There were no Seabee casualties.
…A culvert was blown on QL-1 just south of Thanh Quit. Damage was temporarily repaired by by NMCB-3’s Detail Jupiter.
…Second Increment of NMCB-3’s Advance Party departed Camp haskins South for CBC Port Hueneme.

1972…The last R&R flight departed for Tai Pei, Republic of China, in preparation of closure as an R&R site on 5 April 1972

1973…All USN/USMC personnel (with the exception of Embassy personnel) have departed RVN
The last U.S. prisoners of war leave Vietnam

1975…The evacuation of Danang began by sea.


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